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150+ App name ideas for you to think about

app name ideas for you to think about

Choosing the right name for your app is a crucial step in its successful launch. Your app's name is the first impression potential users have and it significantly impacts how your app is perceived and its future success. It conveys your app's essence, purpose and value it offers, becoming the name users remember, recommend to others and search for in app stores.

So whether you’re making an app from scratch or converting a website into an app, this guide has you covered when it comes to app name ideas and how to choose the most impactful one.

150+ app name ideas to consider

Unique app names

1. Appfinity Innovations

2. QuirkApp Solutions

3. Pioneera Apps

4. NovelWave Tech

5. AppXplorium

6. Unconventional Apps

7. AppSynergy Labs

8. InnovateNook Apps

9. ApexWave Solutions

10. NeoNest Apps

11. AppWhiz Studios

12. EnigmaEdge Apps

13. NuanceHub Tech

14. AppZephyr Innovations

15. ParadigmShift Apps

Catchy app names

1. AppBuzz Hive

2. CatchyClick Apps

3. AppCharm Central

4. TrendyTech Tribe

5. SnazzySync Apps

6. AppJive Junction

7. GroovyGlide Tech

8. RhythmicRun Apps

9. AppBrio Beacon

10. FunkyFusion Labs

11. AppSpark Safari

12. VibrantVibe Apps

13. ChicCircuit Tech

14. AppWave Revue

15. BeatBox Apps

Funny app names

1. AppTickle Tech

2. LaughLinx Apps

3. AppLighthearted

4. ChuckleCraft Labs

5. WhimsyWaves Apps

6. AppBanter Bonanza

7. GigglyGizmo Tech

8. AppMirth Makers

9. JokesterJolt Labs

10. AppGiggleGalaxy

11. SmileSphere Apps

12. QuirkQuest Tech

13. AppHumor Haven

14. ChuckleCircuit Labs

15. AmusingApp Arsenal

app name ideas

Professional app names

1. ProLink Apps

2. AppMastery Solutions

3. ExpertEase Tech

4. PrecisionPulse Apps

5. ProConnect Innovations

6. AppProton Nexus

7. EliteEdge Labs

8. ProSolutions Hub

9. PrimePulse Tech

10. AppElite Innovations

11. ProNexa Apps

12. ApexPro Systems

13. ExpertiseEra Tech

14. ProWave Dynamics

15. LegacyLink Apps

Inspirational app names

1. InspireSphere Apps

2. AppZenith Innovations

3. ElevateEcho Tech

4. DreamWave Labs

5. AppAscend Nexus

6. EmpowerEdge Apps

7. BeyondBrio Tech

8. AppEnlight Innovations

9. InspireNest Labs

10. ThrivePulse Tech

11. AppVisionary Ventures

12. UpliftWave Apps

13. InnerGlow Innovations

14. InspireCraft Labs

15. PinnaclePulse Tech

Location-based app names

1. SiliconValley Apps

2. BigApple Innovations

3. CoastalConnect Tech

4. RockyMountain Apps

5. BayouBridge Labs

6. HeartlandHub Tech

7. DesertOasis Apps

8. PacificShore Innovations

9. LoneStar Pulse Tech

10. CapitalCity Apps

11. GreatLakes Labs

12. Sunbelt Spectrum Tech

13. PrairiePath Apps

14. MileHigh Innovations

15. GoldenGate Labs

Timeless app names

1. Evergreen Apps

2. TimelessTech Solutions

3. ClassicCircuit Labs

4. VintageVortex Apps

5. Time-Honored Innovations

6. EnduringEdge Tech

7. EternalEra Apps

8. TimelessTrend Labs

9. AgelessApp Nexus

10. PerennialPulse Tech

11. TimelessTrail Innovations

12. IconicInterface Apps

13. EverlastingEdge Labs

14. TimelessQuest Tech

15. ClassicCraft Apps

Clever app names

1. AppWit Innovations

2. BrainwaveBrio Tech

3. AppGenius Nexus

4. SmartSync Labs

5. AppMosaic Mastery

6. LogicLink Apps

7. AppAlchemy Nexus

8. WitWire Innovations

9. AppSavvy Solutions

10. ByteBrilliance Tech

11. AppPuzzle Pro

12. QuirkQuest Labs

13. AppCrafty Innovations

14. CogWorks Apps

15. AppClever Code

Modern app names

1. AppSavant Solutions

2. TrendTech Nexus

3. AppWave Innovations

4. FusionFlex Tech

5. AppSynergy Labs

6. ModernMosaic Apps

7. AppZest Innovations

8. PulsePixel Nexus

9. AppSphere Dynamics

10. AgileWave Tech

11. AppFusion Innovations

12. StreamlineSync Apps

13. AppNova Nexus

14. DigitalDive Tech

15. AppVelocity Vortex

Classic app names

1. AppClassics Labs

2. LegacyLink Innovations

3. AppTradition Nexus

4. VintageVista Tech

5. AppHeritage Hub

6. TimelessTech Solutions

7. AppLegacy Nexus

8. ClassicCraft Innovations

9. IconicInterface Labs

10. AppAntiquity Nexus

11. EvergreenEdge Tech

12. AppElegance Innovations

13. ClassicPulse Labs

14. Time-Honored Nexus

15. AppEra Spectrum Tech

Minimalist app names

1. PurePulse Apps

2. CleanCanvas Innovations

3. SimpleSync Nexus

4. ChicCircuit Tech

5. AppEssentials Labs

6. AppArtistry Innovations

7. ZenithMinimal Nexus

8. SleekSculpt Tech

9. AppSimplicity Spectrum

10. ModMinimal Apps

11. ChicInterface Innovations

12. SereneSphere Tech

13. BareCanvas Labs

14. ClarityCraft Nexus

15. MinimalMuse Innovations

How to choose the right name for your app

In your quest for a compelling app name, follow these steps to ensure you discover one that reflects your app's essence, captures attention and makes a memorable impression on your users.

01. Define your app purposes and unique selling points

Before you start generating names, have a clear understanding of what your app does and what makes it stand out in the market. Identify its core features, target audience and the problems it solves. You should then use these to help you generate names that resonate with your app.

app name ideas - app purpose and usp

02. Brainstorm themes and associated words

Think about keywords related to your app's functionality and its user benefits as these could form the basis of your name or be included as part of it. Consider the emotions or ideas you want to evoke in your audience and put words connected with this on the list. Make a list of these words and themes to work from and edit.

03. Use a business name generator

Use a business name generator tailored for app businesses. Using a business name generator can provide you with creative and relevant name suggestions based on the keywords and themes you've brainstormed. You can then experiment with different combinations and use the generated names for inspiration.

04. Check and confirm availability

It’s important to have a business name and website domain that match. So once you have a smaller list of app names confirmed, check if their corresponding domain names are available. You will also need to make sure that no one else is already using the name you’ve chosen, which you can check through the USPTO. Changing your name later can be complicated and confusing and bad for your branding, so whether you’re choosing a business name or just one for an app, check and confirm its availability first.

05. Test your app name

One of the final steps in choosing an app name is to test the potential names with your target audience, friends or even colleagues. Assess their reactions and consider factors like memorability and ease of pronunciation. Getting feedback from others can help you make a better decision about the name and choose a name that resonates with your app's future users.

Pro tip: Also looking to start a business off your app development? Our how to start a business guide has you covered.

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App name ideas FAQ

How important is it to have a unique app name?

Having a unique app name is crucial to avoid confusion and legal or trademark issues. It also helps your app stand out in crowded app stores and can help you build brand recognition faster.

Can I change my app's name after its launched?

Is it necessary to have a short app name?

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