The Best Online Form Builders for Your Website

We don’t all have a personal assistant who can gather information and contact our growing list of clients, and we shouldn’t need one. Whether you could use help collecting RSVPs, getting employee details, managing registration for an upcoming event or simply selling gift certificates, we’ve got an app for that. They’re called form builders, and they’re just what you need.

The Wix App Market is already jam-packed with top notch form builders you can use for all your business website needs. But with so many options it can be tricky to know which one to choose. That’s why we’ve created this guide to our ultimate top 5. 

123 Form Builder

With all of it’s advanced capabilities, 123 Form Builder is the most popular of its kind in the Wix App Market. It’s especially useful for hotel owners or people with an online store as you can choose from their large variety of forms to send out customer satisfaction surveys, run polls, collect donations and more. The app itself is updated regularly and the developers always seem to be releasing a new feature to expand its capabilities. For example, you can now integrate and store the data from your forms directly in DropBox or Google Drive, making it even easier for you to manage all that data.

The free version includes 100 free form submissions and as many as 5 forms with up to 10 fields each. Upgrade to premium and the sky’s the limit. As an added benefit, their team provides great support and will get back to you with answers to all your form-related questions.

Form Builder Plus+

Another very popular app, Form Builder Plus lets you easily create forms that collect payments, sell a single product or even sell pdfs. They also offer free integration with PayPal so receiving payments is truly seamless. If you own a store, this is a great tool for selling gift cards on your website!

If you’re a therapist, real estate agent, doctor or work in any field that requires you to manage a lot of confidential information, this app can make your life much easier. Add a password protected form to your website, benefit from their CAPTCHA feature and anti-spam protection, and rest assured that sensitive data will be kept safe.

For business owners who manage many employees or want to collect resumes via their website, this app can also be a great fit. Rather than asking employees to fill out forms the old fashioned way, you can have them complete the forms online and then easily store the data online.

Form Builder Plus also offers great customer support and they’re happy to answer your questions. The free version includes forms with 20 fields. Upgrade to premium and you can get a message on your phone every time someone fills out one of your forms.

Magic Form Builder

Want to collect RSVPs, take a poll or post a registration form on your website but don’t have a clue about how to get started? Fear not! A newer addition to our app market, Magic Form Builder is great for users who want a form that is super simple and really easy to add. This is the no fuss, no frills answer to form building. You can set up your form in no time and easily manage your contacts with this app. Arabic and Hebrew speakers will love the fact that unlike many form builders, Magic Form offers right to left support.

What we like best however, is that since the free version comes with anti-spam protection, 100 free form submissions and up to 10 free fields per form, you may not need to upgrade to get all your form needs met!

Epic Form Builder

For website owners who run a conference or a festival, form submissions can often peak during a specific time of the year. After months of receiving no forms, you get an onslaught of activity in the weeks leading up to your big event. Enter the Epic Form Builder. This app allows for unlimited form submissions – for free! Plus, you will undoubtedly love how easy it is to set up.

It can also be just the right solution for restaurants, shop owners or anyone looking to collect RSVPs through their website. Great premium features include anti-spam protection, file uploading capabilities and the integrated anti-virus scan for files.


If you run a photography business, you likely know how useful it can be to have just the right form to help your clients book a photoshoot or request price quotes. If we’ve piqued your interest, definitely take a look at Form Creator. This newcomer in the Wix App Market is easy to integrate into your site and they offer great templates for reservations, quotes, membership applications and more.

Form Creator also offers contact management and 100 form submissions in their free version, making them an economical choice as well!

By The Wix Team

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