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Effective contact form design: templates and examples

Contact form design: Templates and examples

If you experience roadblocks while communicating with clients, you’re not alone. While everyone acknowledges the value of strong customer communication, many of us face challenges when implementing it in practice. Sometimes, that’s because we don’t ask customers for feedback, making it difficult to reflect and improve. Other times, it’s because we don’t provide a clear way for them to contact us in the first place.

The first step toward resolving these issues is to learn how to make a website so that people can learn about your business. You’ll want to add a contact us page through the online form builder so that you can answer customer questions, provide great customer service, and get people excited about your brand.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of contact forms - such as how they can be used to obtain leads and close sales. We’ll also share some contact form web design tips to get you started, including templates and examples (including Wix website examples) for your inspiration.

Why you need a contact form for your website

A contact form is a promise to your customers that you recognize their comments or concerns, value their business, and offer your support. Here are some of the benefits of adding one to your professional website:

  • Reduce spam emails: Contact forms eliminate the need to include your email address on your website. This helps reduce spam and other unwanted emails in your inbox.

  • Make yourself reachable: A contact form also allows people to contact you directly through your site. This streamlines the communication process so that you don’t miss out on potential clients.

  • Invite professional opportunities: When you’re easily contactable, you make yourself open to professional opportunities. This includes communication from business partners, clients, recruiters and more.

  • Capture leads: Encouraging people to reach out is the first step in guiding them through the sales funnel. It’s also a useful way to obtain information about your target audience, such as their demographic details and job position.

  • Please your customers: Communication lies at the core of strong customer service. By making it easy for customers to contact you, you make them happy about your brand’s reliability.

  • Build connections with your audience: Each time you talk with a site visitor, you get to know your audience better. Furthermore, this helps them develop a personal relationship with your brand - building trust and brand loyalty as a result.

8 templates for beautiful contact form design

You can design a contact us form for your website by choosing a template on the Wix Forms app. All of them are created by professional designers, and you can easily customize their appearance and categories to suit your needs. Take a look at the templates below to get started when making your website.

01. Standard contact form

This template incorporates all the fundamental fields: first and last name, contact information, and enough space for a short message. It’s a flexible option that suits all audiences, from customers to business partners to job recruiters and more. Note that, as with the rest of these templates, you can adapt the color palette and design to reflect your messaging and brand.

Contact form design: Standard template

02. Minimalist contact form

This clean and simple contact form design offers your site visitors a quick and easy way to reach you. The template doesn’t take up space on your website, and it’s compact enough to place across several different web pages. This is a great option if your primary goal is to obtain the contact information of your visitors while offering a place for simple queries.

Contact form design: Minimalist template

03. Multistep contact form

If you’re aiming to obtain registrations for a program or service, this is the template for you. The multistep form comprises three separate stages, which guide customers through the registration process. This makes the sign-up process easy and approachable, as it’s far less overwhelming than a single lengthy page. For longer forms such as this one, it’s a good idea to place them on a separate contact page on your website.

Contact form design: Multistep template

04. Job application contact form

You may also want to include a specific contact us form for people inquiring about job opportunities. This job application form allows users to select from a drop-down menu rather than simply filling in the blank. As a result, messages are sorted by category, making it it simpler for you to sift through them.

Contact form design: Job application template

05. Sales lead contact form

If your goal is to generate leads, use this sunny yellow contact us form. In addition to asking for contact details, it includes a space for people to fill out their company and position. This provides a better understanding of prospective customers so that you can improve your targeting strategy.

Contact form design: Sales lead template

06. Support contact form

It’s a good idea to provide an option for people to get in touch with customer service directly. To do this, opt for a contact form design that allows your customers to select their issue from a drop-down menu. By making it easy for users to instantly contact support, you improve the customer experience and build trust in your brand.

Contact form design: Contact support template

07. Feedback contact form

Often, customer feedback is your best resource for improvement and growth. If you’d like customers to share their experiences, you may want to go beyond a standard contact us form and provide a feedback form instead. This contact form design makes it clear what the message should be about by asking “How can we improve?” in the subject box. It also catches the eye with a series of hearts that allows customers to rank their experiences.

Contact form design: Feedback form template

08. Price quote contact form

For many businesses - such as consulting, home maintenance, real estate and more - the first question for site visitors is the cost of your services. You can direct prospective customers to inquire about the price by using specific language in your form. In the template below, the heading “Get a Quote” takes the place of the standard “Contact us,” while a drop-down menu invites visitors to select a service.

Contact form design: Price quote template

How to create a contact form

You can set up a website contact form in a matter of minutes - whether your goal is to capture sales leads, offer customer support, or obtain client feedback. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sign in to your Wix account or create a website.

  2. Navigate to the site Editor.

  3. Click the Add icon (shaped like a plus sign) on the left side of the editor.

  4. Click Contact & Forms.

  5. Scroll through the available contact form templates and choose your favorite.

  6. Click Form Settings to set up and customize your design.

  7. Click the Submit Message Tab to select what happens when a visitor submits the form.

Contact form design: How to create a contact form

Contact form examples

As you perfect your contact form design, take a look at the examples below for inspiration:

Web design agency Citisonship Design has created an impressive form for the Contact Us page of their website. They’ve customized it to fit their brand image by applying their black and khaki color scheme and adding their logo. ‘Contact Us’ is written in bold, all-caps text and placed prominently above the form, beckoning people to get in touch. At the same time, the company is careful not to overwhelm their site visitors, keeping the form itself clear and minimalistic.

Contact form design: Citizenship design

Eco-friendly parcel company Puffin Packaging uses a sleek, vertical contact form design for their website. They introduce the form with warm casual language, inviting their visitors to “pop round” for a cup of tea. On top of that, they offer alternate communication options - including their phone number, physical address, email address and social media pages - so that visitors can choose whichever is most convenient for them. In doing so, they show thoughtful attention to their visitors and convey the personal, welcoming character of their brand.

Contact form design: Puffin packaging

Sailing company Islango has created a contact us form that instantly catches the eye. By customizing the title to “Message in a Bottle,” they make the form playful and on-brand. They also place it in the website footer of their homepage, encouraging visitors to reach out to them directly after browsing their offerings. This helps them start a dialogue with potential customers so they can guide them further down the marketing funnel.

Contact form design: Islango

Research, evaluation and business planning agency Wavelength places their form on a separate contact page. They have customized the contact form template with their brand colors, capturing their visitors’ attention with an energetic burst of turquoise and magenta. To initiate the conversation, the company entices prospective customers with a free 2-hour consultation. They also provide links to the director’s social media pages, email and phone number so that customers can reach out on their platform of choice.

Contact form design: Wavelength

The Bright Lights Theatre company uses a contact us form to get in touch with interested participants in their program. The form itself is clear and straightforward, asking visitors to fill in their email address, name, subject and message. In contrast, the design surrounding the contact form is playful and vibrant, with a whimsical font that reads “Get in Touch” to encourage visitors to reach out.

Contact form design: Bright Lights Theatre

Fruit company Orchard World uses bright, cheerful contact form design to make themselves contactable by interested clients and business partners. The form is placed on a contact page titled “Say Hello,” side-by-side an image of a person sorting apples by hand. In this way, they put a face to the company’s brand and portrays it as a family-run organization.

Contact form design: Orchard World

Power maintenance company Power-Fact uses an energetic orange contact form to process client requests and capture leads. They customized the form with a compelling CTA - “Talk to a Power Backup Expert” - to directly address their audience's needs. In addition, the form includes a “Choose an option” dropdown that lets visitors select either General Info, Emergency Service or Maintenance Service. This allows the company to sort their messages and prioritize requests by urgency.

Contact form design: Power-Fact

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