Turn Site Visitors into Customers

Wix users who use their site's built-in lead capture solutions get up to 20 times more leads.

Explore ways to capture leads on your website

Create a lead capture form to collect visitors info and give them an easy way to stay in touch.

Let Visitors Reach Out and Connect with Forms

Create custom forms so your site visitors can get in touch, and subscribe to stay connected.

Make it easy to get in touch

Add a contact form to your site to give visitors a quick and easy way to ask questions, request more info or give feedback.

Automate to save time 

Trigger automatic responses to actions your site visitors take, like sending a confirmation or thank you email when they submit a form.

Grow your audience

Your site visitors want to stay connected. Invite them to subscribe to your mailing list with a form on your site or in a lightbox.

Keep track of customer info

Your forms automatically sync to your Contacts list, making it easier for you to manage your client base and create mailing lists.

Get More Site Traffic, Get More Leads

Get the best SEO guide for your site - the Wix SEO Wiz.

Make sure everyone can find you online by completing your personal SEO plan.

Design social posts to really catch attention and get new site visitors.

Get your brand seen on social with professional posts that drive more traffic to your site.

Create beautiful email marketing campaigns to drive visitors to your site.

Create beautiful email marketing campaigns that bring visitors back to your site.

Professional videos are now yours to create with Wix.

Easily create professional motion videos to showcase your products and services.

Engage Visitors & Close
Deals with Live Chat

Use Live Chat to communicate with site visitors in real time, give them instant answers and turn them into customers.

Chat with visitors in real time

Receive a notification when someone visits your site, so you can engage them in a 1-on-1 conversation and give them the answers they need.

Start a conversation

Add a chat pop-up to your site to greet visitors as they land on the page, and use a pre-chat form to collect information when you’re not online.

Manage conversations in 1 place

Check out and reply to messages from Chat, Forms and Facebook Messenger in your Inbox, and send coupons, payment requests and more.

Chat on the go

Download the Wix Owner app and stay on top of your chats wherever you are. Get notified when visitors are on your site, reach out and close more deals.

Live Chat is the best way to engage visitors and answer their questions.

Get traffic and capture leads with your site’s marketing & customer management suite