Now it’s easier than ever to collect payments on your website and track every transaction.
Now it’s easier than ever to collect payments on your website and track every transaction.

Collect Payments and  Manage Transactions 
in One Place

Ascend by Wix offers you a wide range of tools to collect payments and manage transactions, tailored to your business needs and built right into your website.

Discover a Variety of Ways to Collect
Payments Suited to Your Business Needs

Send branded price quotes to customers a

Close Deals with Price Quotes

Propose a price for your products and services, and negotiate it online via Wix Invoices. Once accepted, it will automatically turn into a payment request so you can get paid faster.

Get Paid Faster with Invoices

Make it easier for customers to pay you online with Wix Invoices. They can pay right on the Invoice, and you can track the transaction from your site’s dashboard.

Send your customers professional branded
Collect payments on a recurring basis by setting up a single invoice and letting it run at intervals you set.

Save Time with Recurring Payments

Collect payments on an ongoing basis, in a single transaction. Just set up your Wix Invoice, get it approved and your recurring payment plan will be in place.

Collect Info with Payment Forms

Create a payment form with Wix’s form builder and improve your sales process. Get the information required for the deal and collect payment right from the form.

Set up forms to collect visitor info and
Ask clients to make a payment and send t

Get Paid Instantly via Chat

Use Live Chat to request a payment in real time. Customers can pay instantly in a click, or they’ll get an email notification to make payment when the time's right for them.

More Ways to Accept Payments with Wix

Pricing Plans

Offer membership plans and packages that fit your business needs. Pick the type of plan, what’s included, how long it lasts, and more. 

Pay Button

Accept express payments for single items. Just set up a pay button, link it to your payment method and you can collect payments immediately.

Wix Business Solutions

Every business solution comes with a built-in payment flow, so whether you take bookings, sell products and more, you always have a way to get paid.

Manage and Track Payments
from Your Site Dashboard

Set up automations to trigger whenever a visitor completes a certain action on your site, like accepting a price quote.

Automate Your Payment Process

Create automatic actions like reminders and notifications. They’re triggered when a Wix Invoice is sent, paid or overdue so customers get a payment reminder, and you can track transactions.

Monitor who has paid and who needs to co

Track Transactions in 1 Place

Keep track of Wix Invoices right from your site dashboard. You can also create revenue & tax reports that help you to stay up to date on all of your billings and collections.

More Tools and Features to
Manage & Collect Payments

Always Secure

Wix is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliant, ensuring your private information stays private.

Manage Your Business On-the-Go

Send invoices, manage payments, track transactions and more—from any device with the Wix Owner app.

Wix Payments

Use the reliable secure payment solution created by Wix to make online transactions safer for you and your customers.

Get Your Team on Board

Invite your team to your site and assign roles & permissions, letting them know who’s responsible for which task.

Manage payments & transactions with your complete business management solution from Ascend by Wix