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The Seamless Way to Collaborate on Your Site

Work smarter together. Invite others to collaborate on your site by assigning roles and permissions. Define and customize each person’s access and manage, edit and remove roles at any time.

Furniture website and roles and permissions settings

Boost Efficiency, Communication and Management

Invite People

Give people access to your site by inviting them to create their own login details.

Assign Roles

Control and organize what kind of activity each person can and can’t do by assigning specific roles.

Customize and Manage

Freely customize roles and permissions based on your business needs and manage everything in one place.

The different features of a fashion website, which is being managed by individual team members
The store manager of the site
The designer of the site
The developer of the site
Image of the marketing manager of the site
image of the social media manager of the site
The Seo Manager of the website
Furniture website and roles and permissions settings

Assign Roles or Create Your Own

Admin (Co-Owner)

Manages all aspects of the site settings and has the same permissions as the site owner except that this role cannot delete a site.

Domain Manager

Connects and manages your website domain but cannot make new domain purchases or edit, delete, or duplicate your site.

Blog Writer

Writes content, schedules and publishes posts, and manages comments but does not have permission to edit your site beyond the blog.

Website Manager

Edits your site and can view and edit all the information in your dashboard. This role cannot manage account billing or delete, transfer or duplicate your site.

Store Manager

Views and manages your store products, collections, orders, sales channels, store settings, shipping and tax.

Marketing Manager

Manages marketing activities like SEO, social posts, email marketing and more. Create this role based on your marketing needs.

Website Designer

Helps create, design and edit your website. They won’t have access to your dashboard or any sensitive business information.

Booking Staff Member

Schedules and manages their own sessions and appointments on your website’s booking calendar and directly communicates with clients.

Billing Manager

Manages the financial features of your site including subscriptions, premium plans, payment methods and connecting a domain.

Customize Roles for Your Business Needs

Create custom roles that are as unique as your team. Choose titles, select permissions and assign them to new or existing members of your team. Tailor everything to fit your needs best.

A design agency website
A client’s comment about the website design.

Discuss and Resolve Comments Right on Your Site with Get Feedback

Share Work in Progress

Invite your team to view and comment on work in progress. Let them share suggestions, questions and edits.

Review, Resolve and Publish

Work in real-time. Get notified when you receive comments, so you can review, resolve and make edits fast.

Reduce Emails, Calls and Chats

Streamline your editing process by centralizing your communication. Reduce endless email threads, phone calls and chats.

Get a Web Creation and Team Collaboration Platform in One


Streamline Your Workflow

Become a Wix Partner and manage all your client sites in one place. Collaborate with your team by assigning custom roles and permissions. Decide who can edit, manage and market multiple sites, while maintaining your client's privacy.


Collaborate Seamlessly Company-Wide

Manage all of your company projects at scale in one place with collaboration tools that are customizable to your business needs. Assign custom roles and permissions for each team member to allow cross-company collaboration and brand management.


How can I add my team to my site and do they have to pay for access?

Invite people to collaborate on your site right from your website’s dashboard. Simply assign them a role and send it through an email invitation. The people you invite will be able to create their own login details to access your site. If you have a premium account, they get access to it when you invite them and do not have to pay.

Can I add someone to create my site with me?

Yes, this role is called a Website Manager. This role can help you create, design and edit your website, but they won’t have access to any sensitive business information.

Can I assign different roles to different people?

Yes, you can assign roles to as many different people as your business needs. You can also create custom roles and choose the exact permissions your team members will have depending on what kind of activity you want each of them to perform.

Can I assign multiple roles to the same person?

Yes, you can assign as many roles as needed to the same person.

Can I change roles and permissions after I assign them?

Yes, you can edit each person’s role and permissions at any time. Add or remove roles and permissions on an as-needed basis.

Can I create a new role for my specific business needs?

Yes, you can create a custom role that gives specific permissions based on your business needs. For example, you can create a Marketing Manager role for someone to manage your SEO settings, Facebook ads, email marketing and more.

How many people can I add to my site?

There is no limit to how many you can add.

Where can I find people to help me with my site and business?

Find the help you need by hiring a Wix Partner through the Wix Marketplace. Wix Partners are professional freelancers or agencies that offer a variety of services including SEO, content marketing, email marketing, web and graphic design and more. Use the Wix Marketplace to find a Wix Partner by service, price or location. If you need help choosing, we’ll find a Wix Partner for you.

Get Everyone Working Seamlessly Together on Your Site

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