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Wix News \ JUN 5th 2012

Congrats! Your Domain Name Just Got Better!

If during the last few days you noticed something different on your free Wix website but couldn’t quite pinpoint it, we have some good news for you!

domain names


We recently introduced a new personalized URL structure. So instead of:  www.wix.com/username/sitename (old URL), your website URL will now look like this:  www.username.wix.com/sitename (new URL).

This new structure will expose your website as a standalone domain. This way, your website’s address is more branded than before. Instead of Wix.com, your site visitors now see your username first.

But that’s not the only advantage the new URL structure offers. In SEO terms, the new URL can improve your website’s position on search engines. Google & Co. appreciate a personalized domain name, so the new version will rank better with them.

Tips to optimize your domain name

If you want to make sure that your new domain name is optimized, check out these tips:

  • Choose a username and sitename that are actually related to your website’s content. Don’t force it though: using keywords for the sake of keywords can be counterproductive with search engines.
  • Don’t use special characters (unless your language necessitates it).
  • Avoid dash or underscore (they can be used on inner pages, but not on the main domain).
  • Keep it short.
  • Don’t use copyrighted content.

In general, when editing and choosing a domain name for your website, we recommend you use a username and a sitename that are easy to pronounce and spell. Don’t make it hard on people to find your website!

If you want to customize your domain name even further, you can connect your own personal address to your Wix website. Learn more about this HERE.

Chillaxer Alert: Your old URL is still working. Everyone who tries to view your website using the old address will simply be forwarded to the new one. If you have a premium website with Wix, your personal domain name will still be connected to your Wix website, just as before :)


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