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What is a .me domain?

.me is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Montenegro. It was officially designated for Montenegro in 2007, after the country gained independence in 2006.

Montenegro opened registration for .me domains to individuals and entities worldwide, not just those located within the country. This global accessibility has contributed to the domain's popularity in recent years. Now the .me domain is commonly used for various purposes outside of Montenegro and it’s gained in popularity due to its potential for creating domain names that are more personal.

It's currently managed by doMEn, a consortium made up of Afilias,, and ME-net d.o.o after the Montenegro government launched a bid process.

Who uses .me domains and why?

.me domains are used for a wide range of purposes and they’re particularly popular for personal branding reasons. They’re often used for personal websites, portfolios, blogs and online resumes or portfolios because "me" can be seen as a way to personalize an online presence.

Educational institutions, government agencies and organizations in Montenegro and beyond may use .me domains to represent their entities online.

Montenegro based entities also have access to .me as a third level domain extension option, for example:,,,

The Montenegro governments website is

Celebrities, influencers and public figures may also use .me domains to establish their online identities and to stand out.

It’s calculated that around 0.2% of total websites published used .me domains. By 2010, over 320,000 .me domains were created, marking this type of domain as the fastest-selling top-level domain (TDL).

Using a .me domain for personal branding

Tailored for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals, a .me domain has been used amongst brands looking to develop a more personal connection with their audience. It's been seen as a memorable platform for individuals to highlight their portfolios, resume, and expertise with a versatile domain name that allows for catchy, creative wordplay and unique branding opportunities.

Benefits of using a .me domain

Personal expression and creativity

Ideal for bloggers, artists, freelancers and those seeking to present their work uniquely, this domain extension fosters creativity and personalization unmatched by generic alternatives by allowing more freedom when creating a domain name.

Establishing a brand identity

Creating a direct link between a domain name and a brand's values enhances recall and connection amongst potential clients, paving the way for increased engagement and customer loyalty. Furthermore, by opting for a unique and easy-to-remember domain, brands and businesses can significantly increase their online visibility.

SEO advantages of a .me domain

Search engines favor websites that clearly communicate their content's purpose and identity, making a .me domain a strategic choice for those looking to improve their SEO rankings. This increased visibility is essential for attracting new visitors and building a wider audience for a brand's content, products or services.

Websites using .me domain

This fine art and graphic design lab, with a presence in Singapore and New York, as well as online, uses it's me.domain to emphasize it's creativity and uniqueness.

The portfolio of this award winning US-based director, designer, illustrator and artist pulses with creativity, all of which is reinforced by the use of the .me domain.

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Are .me domains safe?

The safety of a domain extension, such as .me, doesn't solely depend on the extension itself but rather on how it's managed, registered and used. In general, .me domains are considered safe.

Here are some points to consider regarding the safety of .me domains:

  • The safety and reliability of a domain extension are influenced by the policies set by the domain registry. The .me registry, which is managed by the government of Montenegro, has established rules and regulations to ensure the responsible use of .me domains. Be sure to use a reputal domain registry.

  • The safety of any domain depends on the registration process and the policies of the domain registrar. Make sure to register your .me domain through a reputable and well-established registrar, like Wix, to ensure proper management and security features.

  • The safety of a domain can also be influenced by how it's used. Malicious actors can use any domain extension for phishing or other nefarious activities. However, .me domains are commonly used for personal or individual projects, making them less attractive, than company or business websites, to some types of malicious actors.

  • Regardless of the domain extension, it's essential to secure your website with HTTPS using an SSL/TLS certificate. This ensures that the communication between your website and its visitors is encrypted, enhancing the overall security of your site.

  • Maintain control over your .me domain by keeping registration information up to date and renewing the domain promptly. Ensure that you're the rightful owner of the domain to prevent unauthorized transfers or domain hijacking.

.me and ICANN

ICANN, or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is a non-profit organization responsible for coordinating the global Internet's Domain Name System (DNS) and IP address allocation.

When it comes to domain extensions like .me, ICANN plays a crucial role in making sure that it follows the guidelines and standards set for TLDs. It manages the registration process, ensuring that domain names are unique and that the associated WHOIS information is accurate. WHOIS is a protocol used to query databases and obtain information about registered domain names, including details about the domain owner, registrar, and registration dates.

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the address used, by internet users, to access resources on the World Wide Web. It consists of the protocol (like HTTP or HTTPS), the domain name which includes the TLD like .me and the specific path to the resource on the web server. ICANN's involvement ensures that these URLs are properly structured and that the associated domain extensions adhere to established standards. This is what makes the internet navigable and easy to use, as well as ordererd.


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How do I register my .me domain?

To register a .me domain follow these general 4 guidelines:

01. Choose a domain registrar

To register a .me domain, you can go through domain registrars or domain registration services that are accredited by the Montenegrin Domain Name Registry, which is responsible for managing .me domains.

02. Perform a domain name search

You can search for available .me domains on the registrar's website and if the one you want is available, you can continue with the registration process.

03. Complete the domain registration process

The registration process typically involves providing your contact information and agreeing to the relevant terms and conditions.

04. Pay for your .me domain

Pricing for .me domains can vary depending on the registrar you choose and any additional services they offer, including email hosting.

If you’re making a website with a website builder like Wix, you can search for domain name availability, choose a domain name and register a domain name for your site at no extra cost, as long as you have a premium plan.

.me domain extension FAQ

How long can you register a .me domain for?

.me domains can usually be registered for one year and you can renew them annually.

Are there any restrictions or special requirements for .me domains?

There are generally no specific restrictions on registering .me domains set by but registrars may have their own terms and conditions.

Can I transfer a .me domain to a different registrar?

Yes, you can transfer a .me domain to a different registrar. The process may involve specific requirements and fees, so check with the registrar for details.

How much does a .me domain cost?

The cost varies, depending on your domain registrar. With Wix, domain extensions are free with a premium website building plan.

Is it possible to get a free .me domain?

Yes, with a Wix premium plan for making a website.


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