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Experience site creation like never before

Get a unique, business-ready website in no time with our powerful AI.

Your ideas go in. Your site comes out.

Chat with our AI website creator and watch as your business story turns into a custom site right before your eyes.

Built for high standards.

Refine elements within the AI website builder like design, text, layouts and more until it matches your vision.

Change site themes

Pick the fonts and colors that’ll shape your site’s visual style.

Shuffle layouts

Play with different structures for your site’s pages.

Update site content

Revamp your site description for dynamic on-page text changes.

More than just a good-looking site.

With built-in business solutions like scheduling, online store, event management and more automatically added to your site, you can get straight to work.

Keep customizing your website with intuitive AI tools.

After creating your site, you can use Wix’s AI tools to personalize every detail and generate content at scale.

Use AI to speed up content writing, adjust your tone and deliver a consistent brand voice wherever you need it.

Find the right words

Instantly add sections that fit your look and feel—whether it's a map, a form, an about us or anything else you need.

Create new sections for your site

Enhance your site content and transform your ideas into high-quality images with just one click. 

Generate tailored images with AI

How to create a website with AI for free.

Use our AI website builder to go from draft to publish in 4 simple steps.

Wix AI website builder creates a Matcha eComm store alongside the site brief.

1. Get started with a click

Hit the 'Create with AI' button on this page, then chat with our AI about the kind of website you need.

2. Check out your AI website brief

Based on your site profile, the AI will whip up a brief for your new site including the structure and even its look and feel. 

3. Refine key elements of your site

After your initial site is built you can keep playing with the themes, layouts or text, or regenerate all of it together in one click.

4. Publish or keep customizing

Once your AI-built website is ready, you can publish it right away or dive deeper into the Wix Editor to fine-tune every last detail yourself.

Your sites come packed with power.

Start strong and scale confidently with complete business solutions and robust infrastructure.

Security & performance

Your site is fully optimized to load fast and backed by a resilient security infrastructure.

Domains & web hosting

Enjoy scalable, reliable web hosting and get a custom domain name for your AI-built website.

Business growth solutions

Drive traffic and make informed decisions with built-in marketing, SEO, CRM & analytic tools.

We’re here for you 24/7.

Find answers

Visit our Help Center for detailed articles and tutorials.

Contact us

Chat with us for real-time support or schedule a call with our experts.

AI Website Builder FAQ

What is an AI website builder?

An AI website builder is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you create a website in just a few minutes. Wix’s AI website builder helps you quickly create best-in-class sites through a conversational interface. Once your site has been generated by our AI, you have the flexibility to easily adjust the theme, layout, images, and text until you are satisfied with the result.

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What are the advantages of Wix AI website builder?

Wix’s intuitive AI website builder is a holistic solution to site creation powered by the latest in GenAI technology— enabling you to create business-ready sites in record time. Sites created using the AI website builder are unique, high-quality, and complete with all the advantages of Wix’s platform, including SEO, marketing tools, built-in site management, robust security and solid infrastructure.

How do I create a website with AI?

You can create a website using AI by simply following these four steps:

  1. Click ‘Create with AI’ on this page: You'll be guided through a brief setup, answering questions about the type of website you're creating.

  2. Review your site’s brief: Based on your answers, the AI site builder will create a detailed description of what your website is all about, what it will include, and how it will look and feel.

  3. Refine your site: You can interact with the AI and refine the brief until you are happy with the results. Once your site has been generated, you can continue to prompt the AI to change the site theme, layout, text, images, and more.

  4. Continue working on your site in the editor: Once your site has been generated with AI, you can further customize each of your site elements directly from the editor.

Learn how to create a website

Can I use the Wix AI website builder for free?

You can start building your site with AI for free. If you wish to connect custom domains, enable online payments, or access additional features, you'll need to choose a Premium Plan.

Can I customize the design of my AI-generated website?

Personalization is at the heart of our AI website builder. Your website is crafted according to your preferences, guided by the information you provide. After you have reviewed your site and made sure that it meets your requirements, you can continue to fine-tune the layouts, themes, and more until it's perfect.

Even after your site is generated, you retain full control. You can always further customize each element of your website design directly from the Wix Editor.

How long does it take to create my site with AI?

Our AI site generator significantly speeds up the site creation process. In just moments, it crafts a fully functional website customized to your specific needs. You can seamlessly collaborate with the site builder, experimenting with various themes, layouts, and more, until your site is an exact reflection of your vision.

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Is a site created with AI mobile-friendly?

Yes, websites generated using the Wix AI site generator are designed to be mobile-friendly. This means your site will automatically adapt to different screen sizes and devices, providing an optimal user experience on desktop and mobile devices.

Are hosting and domain included when creating my site with AI?

When you create a website using the Wix AI site builder, it automatically comes with multi-cloud, reliable hosting. When you upgrade your site to any Wix Premium Plan, you’ll receive a voucher for a free domain of your choosing for one year.

What other AI tools are available on Wix?

Once you create your site with the AI website builder, Wix has a variety of built-in AI tools available to you in the editor that can help you further customize and improve many elements of your site.

Wix’s AI tools include:

For more information on Wix’s AI tools, check out the Help Center, and to connect to real-time support for AI-related questions and more, get connected to Wix Support.

What is Wix ADI?

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is the first generation AI-powered website design tool that Wix released. Since 2016, ADI has offered a quick, intuitive way to build websites. Building a website with ADI begins by making a series of selections about your website’s requirements and design preferences. ADI then presents design options based on these inputs, allowing for some level of customization, while significantly simplifying the design process for users who prefer an easier, more guided approach.

What is the difference between Wix ADI and Wix AI?

Since Wix released the ADI site builder in 2016, Wix has continued to innovate, releasing several AI-based tools to enhance the site creation process within the Wix Editor. The  AI site builder is the next generation of site creation, offering more sophisticated design and content generation abilities, as well as a suite of Wix’s AI-powered tools designed to help increase your productivity and reduce the effort required to create the website you envision. The AI website builder uses Natural Language Processing to understand your vision through chat, and then quickly creates websites that are more personalized than was previously possible with ADI. Now with Wix, you can create a website with AI for free.

Now that's how you create a site.

AI Website Builder

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