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Form Design Tips


Keep it Short & Simple

If you have a lot of information you need to collect, use a multi-step or conditional form to make the process seem shorter. People tend to be put off by long forms, so keep your content short and only ask for the information you need.


Put the Most Important Questions First

Put your most essential questions at the top of your form. This will keep your visitors interested right from the start and will help increase conversions.


Use Field Titles and Placeholder Text

Make sure you're getting the correct information you're after by using titles and placeholder text with easy to understand instructions.


Minimize the Number of Mandatory Fields

Making all the fields on your forms mandatory can significantly reduce your conversions.


Add reCAPTCHA to Your Forms

By using the reCAPTCHA tool, you’ll stop bots from filling out your forms and allow only real users to submit answers.

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