• Collaborate Freely with Admin (Co-Owner) Permissions

    Create a collaborative and flexible work experience by inviting people to be an Admin (Co-Owner) so they can edit and manage your site. Learn more 

  • Track Site Performance More Easily with Analytics Alerts

    Use preset and custom alerts to get an email notification whenever there is a significant change in your site’s key stats or business activity. Learn more

  • Control Your Restaurant Settings from the Wix Mobile App

    On the Wix mobile app, you can now toggle on/off online orders, pickup, delivery areas, and reservations, as well as control advanced settings.

  • Control Who Can Advertise on Your Site

    Create an ads.txt file manually with a list of acceptable advertisers or use personalized files from third-parties like Outbrain and Google Adsense. Learn more
  • Set a Higher Budget for Your Facebook Ads by Wix Campaign

    With a higher budget, you have more chances of turning ad viewers into paying customers.

    Go to Marketing & SEO > Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • Showcase Your Videos Beautifully with New VideoBox APIs

    With new VideoBox APIs, you can control the way videos play in elements on your site with creative frames and graphic overlays. Learn more
  • Launch a Campaign with New Seasonal Templates

    Drive holiday sales using seasonal themed templates for email campaigns and social posts. Go to your Dashboard > Marketing Home > Email Marketing/Social Posts
  • Get Paid with CX Pay in the Caribbean

    Add CX Pay to sell online and get paid in your local currency. Open to businesses in the Caribbean, like Jamaica and Aruba, plus Canada, Panama and more. Connect now
  • Yoco Is Now Available in South Africa

    Sell online and accept payments in ZAR with Yoco. Connect Yoco to take debit/credit card payments for your website. Open to South African businesses only. Connect now
  • Offer Multiple Payment Methods with PayTR (Turkey)

    Accept payments for your business with PayTR. Offer customers their preferred way to pay with multiple payment channels. Open to businesses based in Turkey. Connect now