• Offer Tickets to Your Event Guests with the New Tickets API

    Create tickets in the dashboard and offer them on your site using the Tickets API. Process payments and display the link to the tickets as a PDF. Learn more
  • New RSVP Form Process

    Use custom RSVP forms for your events via a newly updated process in the Events API. Learn more
  • Wix Events: Add Guests Manually

    You can now add to your event guest list manually. This helps you keep track of all your guests from your Wix dashboard, no matter how they RSVP. Learn more
  • Wix Events: Host with Zoom

    Take your events online and create Zoom links right from your site. Host virtual workshops, classes, conferences and more. Learn more
  • Wix Events: Online Events

    Create virtual events on your site and quickly move your offline events online. Add links to join via Zoom, YouTube streaming and Facebook Live. Learn more
  • Wix Events: Add Tax to Tickets

    Add a tax rate to your tickets. You can include tax in the ticket price or add it to the total sale at checkout. Learn more
  • Wix Events: Sell Tickets After an Event Starts

    Continue allowing guests to register for an event after it starts. Sell more tickets and maximize your attendance. Learn more
  • Wix Events: Manage Your Orders

    Keep track of your RSVPs and sales from the Orders tab in your Events Dashboard. Learn more
  • Wix Events: Individual Ticket Info

    Request unique ticket details for each guest at registration. That way, you can collect more information to plan your event. Learn more
  • Wix Events: Members Area

    Give visitors exclusive access to events and features with a Members Area. Members can see guest lists, download tickets and save their details for future events. Learn more