• New Media Manager APIs

    Get info and access to the files and folders in your Media Manager with listFiles(), listFolders() and getFolderInfo() APIs. Learn more
  • New disableScrollToTop Option

    With disableScrollToTop for wix-location to( ) API function, you can decide whether a page scrolls to the top when navigating to another Wix page. Learn more
  • Stores: Product API Update

    On the product entity, the ‘ribbons’ field has been deprecated. The new ‘ribbon’ field takes a string and is writable upon product creation. Learn more
  • Wix Stores API Updates

    As part of a Wix Stores API redesign, several new functions have been added. Old functions are now in Cart or Product with migration instructions. Learn more
  • Stores: Apply and Remove Coupons

    With the new applyCoupon( ) and removeCoupon( ) functions, you can add a coupon to the cart or remove a previously applied coupon. Learn more about coupons.
  • Stores: Add Products to Cart

    With the new addProducts( ) function, you can add one or more products to the store cart by productId, quantity and any specific product options. Learn more
  • Stores: Update the Quantity of a Cart's Line Item

    With the new cart.updateLineItemQuantity( ) function, you can set the quantity of a specific line item in the cart. Learn more
  • Stores: New showMiniCart( ) API

    Now you can easily show the Mini Cart on any page in your store. Learn more
  • Stores: New hideMiniCart( ) API

    Now you can easily hide the Mini Cart from appearing on your store’s page. Learn more
  • API Update: setPlanVisibility( ) Now Returns a Plan

    The setPlanVisibility( ) function now sets visibility for non-archived pricing plans. Learn more