• Suspend and Reactivate Subscriptions

    You now have the flexibility to pause subscriptions. When you’re ready to offer services again or your customer wants to rejoin, simply reactivate their plan. Learn more

  • Offer Your Clients Pricing Plans with Faster Checkout

    Now your customers can buy your pricing plans with faster and simpler checkout. Go to your site > Plans & Pricing > Select a plan > Click Sign up or Log in
  • Automatically Inform Your Customers before Their Free Trial Ends

    Set up an automated email and let your customers know that their free trial period will end in 3 days. Give customers the flexibility to cancel before they're charged. Learn more

  • New Pricing Plans API for Listing Current Member Subscriptions (Orders)

    The new getCurrentMemberOrders() API for pricing plans lets site members see the plans they ordered. With this information, logged-in site members can manage orders more easily, for example, deleting an order if necessary. Learn more
  • Get Paid for Your Forum with Subscriptions

    You can now get paid for your forum with subscriptions. Give subscribed members access to exclusive content. Learn more
  • Wix Payments: New Local Payment Provider for South Africa

    Merchants in South Africa can now choose Peach Payments as a local payment provider. Connect now
  • Handle Chargebacks Quickly with Wix Payments' New Built-In Tool

    You can now manage your chargebacks and disputes directly from your Wix Payments Dashboard. Learn more
  • Wix Bookings x Pricing Plans and a new getCheckoutOptions API

    Wix Bookings now accepts memberships and packages as payment options for bookings. Also, a new getCheckoutOptions API allows you to check which payment options are available for a booking based on a client's subscribed plans. Learn more
  • Create a Trial Plan

    Let customers try your services before committing to a full membership plan or package. Create a promotional plan that customers can book only once. Learn more
  • Wix Payments: New Business Owner Information

    Add your business owner information to your Wix Payments account, including shareholders and company management details. You can always go back and change this info if needed.