• Work with Member Roles from Backend Code Using New Roles API

    Manage site member access to restricted pages via backend code with assignRole() and removeRole() functions in the new Roles API. Learn more
  • Control Who Can Advertise on Your Site

    Create an ads.txt file manually with a list of acceptable advertisers or use personalized files from third-parties like Outbrain and Google Adsense. Learn more
  • Showcase Your Videos Beautifully with New VideoBox APIs

    With new VideoBox APIs, you can control the way videos play in elements on your site with creative frames and graphic overlays. Learn more
  • New removeProductFromCart() Function in Wix Stores API

    With removeProductFromCart(), you can remove a line item or product from the cart using the item's ID. Learn more
  • React to Activity on Your Forum with Forum Backend Events

    Run custom code when forum categories, posts, and comments are created, updated, deleted, posted, pinned, voted on, liked, reported and more. Learn more
  • New onWixFormSubmit() Event Handler in the WixForms API

    Perform validations and manipulate your code immediately after visitors submit a Wix Form, before the server begins any processing. Learn more
  • Explore the New and Improved Velo Workspace

    Optimize your workflow in Velo's upgraded user interface, complete with new features like multi-tabs, better navigation and a simplified Code Panel. Learn more
  • Check and Set Visitors’ Privacy Policies with New APIs

    Ensure your site is GDPR and CCPA compliant with new APIs. Check which cookies your visitors allow and if they allow data transfer to third parties. Learn more
  • Access Cart Changes with New Client-Side Event in Stores API

    With the new onCartChanged()event in wix-stores, you can access information about the site’s shopping cart every time an item is added or removed. Learn more
  • Generate PDF Files of Packing Slips with New Stores API Function

    Now you can generate a PDF file of an order’s packing slip using getPackingSlipLink() in the Wix Stores API. Learn more