• Wix Location: onChange()

    Now you can write code that runs when an application page's URL changes. For example, you can use the onChange event handler to determine when a new product is displayed in a store and perform any necessary partial updates on the page. Learn more
  • Wix CRM: "Tasks" Collection

    Now you can work with your CRM task data. When you add a task in your site's dashboard, the CRM/Tasks collection is added to your site’s Database. The collection contains information about your tasks. Using the collection you can track, query, and sort your task data. Learn more
  • Blog PostPage API Released

    Now you can get information about your blog posts using the PostPage element API. Learn more
  • Wix Marketing: Coupons Collection

    When you add a coupon to your site, the Marketing/Coupons collection is added to your site’s Database. The collection contains information about your Coupons. Using the collection you can query, filter, and track your coupons with code. Learn more
  • Coupons API

    Now you can create, update, and delete coupons using the wix-marketing-backend Coupons API. With coupons, you can offer your customers discounts for Wix Stores, Bookings, or Events.  Learn more
  • API: notifications

    You can now send notifications to your site's contributors using the new wix-crm-backend Notifications API. Learn more
  • API: memory storage

    You can now store data that is available as long the site visitor does not refresh or close the page, using memory storage. Learn more
  • API: addProductToCart

    The $w.CartIcon element now has a new addProductToCart function which allows you to add multiple items to your site's shopping cart at once. Learn more 
  • API: onCartCreated and onCartCompleted

    The wix-stores-backend API now has two new events, onCartCreated and onCartCompleted. You can now run code when a site visitor creates a cart or completes a cart purchase.
  • Site Monitoring

    Until now, you could only debug your sites (find issues with your code) in preview mode. The new Telemetry feature allows you to create logs and monitor your live sites. Plus, use Wix tools or external tools (like Google Stackdriver or Loggly) to identify an issue, find the source of error, and quickly resolve it. Learn more