• New Update: Complete Your Code Faster

    Based on the native Monaco widget, the update creates a smoother development experience, adding fuzzy search capabilities and ranking by relevance for greater accuracy. Try it out

  • Create your own reusable code packages

    No more copy-paste. Now you can package your code and reuse it across your sites. To get started, go to the Velo Sidebar, click Code Files and choose Create a Package. Learn more
  • Site Monitoring is now called Logs

    Logs let you get info about site events, examine live site events and connect events to external monitoring tools. Just go to your dashboard’s Developer Tools and select Logs. Learn more
  • Boost product page SEO with the new brand field

    You can now include a brand name in the Product object of the Wix Stores API in Velo. Including a brand name can help improve SEO. Learn more
  • Code comfortably with Velo Dark Theme

    Give your eyes a break. You can now switch between Light and Dark Theme in Velo, straight from your Code Panel toolbar. Learn more
  • Secrets Manager: Multi-line secrets

    You can now add secrets with multiple line values like JSON to the Secrets Manager. Learn more
  • Wix Events: New backend API

    Now you can create, update, delete, cancel, copy, get and query your Wix Events with much of the functionality available in the Editor. Learn more
  • New UploadFiles API for the UploadButton

    You can now upload multiple image, video and gallery files at a time chosen by the visitor. This replaces the deprecated startUpload function. Learn more
  • New Media Manager APIs

    Get info and access to the files and folders in your Media Manager with listFiles(), listFolders() and getFolderInfo() APIs. Learn more
  • New disableScrollToTop Option

    With disableScrollToTop for wix-location to( ) API function, you can decide whether a page scrolls to the top when navigating to another Wix page. Learn more