• Access Variants with New Wix Stores Variants Collection

    Like other Stores collections, you can now access and query Variants - combinations of product options - using Velo and the Content Manager. Learn more
  • New Feature: Pre-built Code Packages by Velo

    You can now install pre-built code packages created by Velo that save you hours on adding functionality to your site. Learn more
  • Control Who Has Access to Your Shared Files

    Set permissions for individuals, groups or paid plan visitors. Choose who can download, upload to or manage your shared files and folders on your live site. Learn more
  • New Advanced SEO Settings for Your Blog Posts

    Drive traffic to your blog with control over how your posts are displayed on social media, advanced SEO meta tag customization and more. Learn more
  • Edit Orders from the Wix Owner App

    Now you can update customer emails and shipping addresses from the order screen in the app.

  • Sell on Amazon

    Add Amazon as a sales channel to your Wix Store and manage orders and inventory from your Wix dashboard. Learn more

  • Discover a New and Improved Mobile App to Manage Your Site

    Download the new Wix Owner app for a quicker and more efficient way to track analytics, chat with site visitors and run your business on the go.
  • Reply to Blog Comments with Rich Text

    Blog members can now reply to each other’s comments with text, emojis and GIFs. Enable comments to let them create a conversation around your blog posts. Learn how
  • Test Your Backend Functions Straight from the Editor

    You can now trigger and test your backend functions from the Code Panel within the Editor — no need for Preview mode or external tools. Learn more
    Functional Testing
  • Stores: New Price per Unit Data Fields Added

    Price per unit data fields have been added to APIs that return product objects or product variant objects. Learn more