• Set When Inventory Gets Updated

    Control when your online store’s inventory quantities update: either when an order is placed, or when you receive payment for that order. Learn more
  • Sell Digital Gift Cards for Your Online Store

    Offer gift cards through the Gifted app. Reach valuable new customers and sell last-minute holiday gifts—with no need for stock or shipping. Learn more
  • Add a "My Subscriptions" Page

    Let your customers view and manage the product subscriptions they've purchased. Learn more
  • Organize Your Bookings Calendar with Color Filters

    You can now filter your calendar with colors to differentiate between sessions and to keep track of their occupancy. Learn more
  • Add a Holiday Background to Your Live Chat

    Get your site ready for the holiday season by adding a holiday themed pattern to your chatbox. Go to the Editor > Chat > Settings > Design
  • Launch a Thanksgiving Campaign with Holiday Themed Templates

    Drive holidays sales using Thanksgiving themed templates for email campaigns and social posts. Go to your Dashboard > Marketing Home > Email Marketing/Social Posts
  • Edit Orders in Wix Stores

    Update email addresses and shipping addresses from your Store Orders tab. Learn more
  • New removeProductFromCart() Function in Wix Stores API

    With removeProductFromCart(), you can remove a line item or product from the cart using the item's ID. Learn more
  • React to Activity on Your Forum with Forum Backend Events

    Run custom code when forum categories, posts, and comments are created, updated, deleted, posted, pinned, voted on, liked, reported and more. Learn more
  • New onWixFormSubmit() Event Handler in the WixForms API

    Perform validations and manipulate your code immediately after visitors submit a Wix Form, before the server begins any processing. Learn more