• Stores: Update the Quantity of a Cart's Line Item

    With the new cart.updateLineItemQuantity( ) function, you can set the quantity of a specific line item in the cart. Learn more
  • Stores: New showMiniCart( ) API

    Now you can easily show the Mini Cart on any page in your store. Learn more
  • Stores: New hideMiniCart( ) API

    Now you can easily hide the Mini Cart from appearing on your store’s page. Learn more
  • API Update: setPlanVisibility( ) Now Returns a Plan

    The setPlanVisibility( ) function now sets visibility for non-archived pricing plans. Learn more
  • Attract Local Traffic with a Google My Business Profile

    Create and manage your Business Profile right from the Wix Dashboard. Connect with customers from Google Search and Maps, reply to reviews and gain insights. Get Started
  • Afterpay Is Now Available in Canada

    Get paid upfront and offer affordable payments over time with Afterpay. Check out all buy now, pay later solutions on Wix. Connect now
  • New and Improved Warmup Data API

    Now you can optimize data loading for sites that render both in the backend code and in the client-side code, minimizing costly data fetching. Learn more
  • Prompt Visitors to Log In with a Popup

    With the new "modal" option for the wix-users PromptLogin() function, you can now let visitors log in to your site using a modal popup. Learn more
  • New Contacts APIs: Manage Site Contacts from Backend Code

    With the new Contacts APIs, you can create, update, get, query and delete contacts, manage their labels and custom fields, and more. Learn more
  • Access Variants with New Wix Stores Variants Collection

    Like other Stores collections, you can now access and query Variants - combinations of product options - using Velo and the Content Manager. Learn more