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20 gorgeous website examples for website design inspiration

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Website design inspiration

Once someone has decided to launch their own business, they will quickly discover that creating a website will be one of the most essential elements in order to optimally position their brand for success. However, not every entrepreneur has the extra time on their hands - not to mention the eye for complementary color schemes and sophisticated web design features - to invest in building their own website. As a web designer, then, your job is integral to the performance of so many businesses.

After spending a lot of time on the Wix Editor, you’ve probably discovered by now that you can create highly professional sites through a surprisingly simple process. Whether your clients require an online store, a design portfolio, a landing page, or any other kind of site, you can apply the amazing techniques that you’ve found and fallen in love with in the Editor to each of these platforms. Displaying remarkable attention to the details of a website - and putting in a ‘wow’ element or two - will allow you to exceed your clients’ expectations time and time again. In return, this stellar reputation will help you rake in those referrals and expand your clientele. In short, one of the big secrets to getting your name out there is this: Do a really good job. And for that, you need to keep your creativity soaring.

This is why our talented Wix designers selected twenty impressive websites showcase what it looks like when stunning web design meets a client’s needs. Browse through these examples to pick up some techniques you can integrate into your own work, and to get inspired by how other professionals are tackling client websites.

Fabio Matta

An intriguing logo - centered in the middle of the page and aesthetically coordinated with the featured image - lures in viewers to explore more of the site, and makes a statement about the brand itself.

Fabio Matta


In place of a written menu, captivating photos serve as clever gateways to this photographer’s image categories.


Vanessa McKeown

This site packs in fun and energy like no other. Yet with so much emphasis on the candy-coated colors, this site makes the wise decision to keep each menu narrowed down to a minimal three choices. ‘Work,’ ‘Hey,’ and ‘Shop.’ Simple and to the point. We can get behind that.

Vanessa McKeown


A black and white color scheme is the website version of putting on a tux. Classy, bold, and always in style. Against the background, a powerful (and clever) CTA and the font color hover effects on the ‘Menu’ header pack a powerful punch.


Allyson Riggs

A bold, retro business name not only matches the denim in the homepage photo, but its size and font color contrast with the black background means it will get etched in the memories of visitors.