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Wix eCommerce website examples
Inspiring designs for your store

Explore these outstanding eCommerce website examples built by real Wix users. Find inspiration for your own eCommerce website design that’s built for conversion and ready to sell.

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Examples of wix eCommerce website templates

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eCommerce examples that sell

eCommerce examples that sell

Explore successful ecommerce website examples to learn how design elements and eComm features can help maximize traffic, sales and ultimately your revenue.

15 best eCommerce templates

15 best eCommerce templates

Read up on how to choose the right website template and business tools to create the ultimate online shopping experience for your eCommerce business.

9 customer-first eCommerce sites

9 customer-first eCommerce sites

Personalize your online store to create a sales journey and user experience unique to each customer, showing them you know who they are and what they need.


Why is good website design so important for eCommerce websites?

Having a well designed eCommerce website can have a huge effect on the way customers view and interact with your online store. Great design can bring you many benefits like creating a strong first impression which will encourage return visits. It can also increase your credibility and help build customer trust. Pro tip: when designing your eCommerce site, keep performance in mind to give your viewers a great user experience.

What are the best eCommerce web design trends?

When building a site for your eCommerce business it's important to start with a mobile-first approach. This means creating a site that will look good and work well on mobile devices because these days most of online shopping is happening on phones. If you search through competitors and find examples of eCommerce website design, you’ll see that many of them are also using micro animations, bold striking colors and unconventional and multi-directional layouts. The best examples of eCommerce websites also incorporate advanced chatbots and fun filter features to be able to connect with customers and give them a feeling of being in control of their shopping experience.

What are the most important elements for eCommerce web design?

Building a successful eCommerce store is not just about putting products online. To be successful, you must get in the mindset of the consumer which means that your eCommerce website design needs to reflect the needs of the buyer and be as user friendly as possible. Using a product listing page is a great way to allow customers to easily browse products and quickly find whatever they need. Customers also need to know that they are protected when using your site, they will be inputting their credit card information and in some cases personal details, so it's crucial that they feel safe and secure while doing so. A good way to get ideas for how to build that customer confidence is to look at the best eCommerce website design examples online and get inspiration from what your most successful competitors are doing. Finally, it's important to have a clear and easy-to-use shopping cart and checkout process. If the design of the checkout is confusing, you might lose customers at the final stage.

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