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What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page created for a particular digital marketing campaign, as part of a wider marketing strategy. A user will reach it by clicking on an advertisement that leads to the landing page. An effective landing page will include all the necessary information to convert a visitor into a customer. A landing page may also be referred to as a splash page, destination page, static page or lead capture page.

Why should you create a landing page?

There are a variety of benefits to landing pages. If you do not have an online presence and want a simple page to be used in your online marketing campaign, a landing page may be all you need to successfully present your business, product or service.

If you already have a professional website, you still may find that it is best to lead visitors from your campaign to a landing page. There are a number of benefits in doing this. Having a landing page will enable you to:

  • Create unique content on the landing page specific to the campaign.

  • Use short and compelling text for visitors who are ready to take action.

  • Use the targeting of the campaign to help understand the user’s state of mind.

  • Present the visitors with only the content that is relevant to them.


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How to create a landing page

You can easily create a landing page using Wix's landing page builder, or by trying out these landing page templates. More specifically, when you are creating a landing page for your business, product or service, you should make sure to include the following elements:

  • A clear call to action: Arguably the most important part of your landing page, the call to action or CTA, is where you tell your site visitors what to do next. Your goal is to make them click on that button and transform them into a customer. Whether it be “Call us Now”, “Click Here to Buy” or “Sign Up”, your CTA should compel people to act now. The copy should be short, to-the-point and generally start with a verb. Also consider the design of your CTA button, making sure it stands out and is easy to click on.

  • Copy: Write a short and clear explanation of what your business offers its users. Focus on the benefits you provide, highlighting what makes your product or service so unique and useful. The text should be enticing, succinct and personal. You can write it in the “you” form to grab visitors’ attention.

  • Visuals: Add images or videos that give visitors a better idea of your offering. They should set the right tone for your brand and help explain your product or service. For example, a landing page for a job searching platform could include a photo of an office, and a landing page for a design conference may include images of the audience or speakers.

  • Your company logo: If you have a logo, include it on your landing page to increase your brand recognition and ensure visitors associate the page with your company. If you don't yet have a logo, you can create one with the Wix logo maker.

You can gain more inspiration from our guide to landing page design.


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