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15 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Photographers

Free is not always a synonym for poor quality. Think about it: whether it’s the air that you breathe, a story told by a friend, a hug from your dad, or your own photography website, some of the most valuable things in life won’t cost you a single penny. This is also the case with many Chrome extensions. They are just like apps: tiny yet powerful programs that you can add to Google Chrome, the number 1 Internet browser, in order to widen its capabilities.

Today, you’ll find free extensions for virtually anything, from work productivity tools to web design and of course, photography. Talking to shutterbugs, we know that you’re always willing to try tools that can ease your life and save you some precious time, between client’s meetings, photoshoots and the tedious hours of image editing. So here are the 15 best (and free) Chrome extensions for photographers that will leave you with a long-lasting impression:

Know everything about your images

Does size really matter? While we may not have the answer to the question that has obsessed the male’s psyche for ages we do have a free extension that will enable you to precisely measure the width, height and file size of any image on the Internet, in a second. Wait – in a second?! So duration matters too?

Best Chrome Extensions for Photographers Image Size Info

This extension emulates various screen resolutions, in order to see how your website (and photos) will look on different devices. A must, since Google gives a huge SEO boost to pages optimized for smartphones and tablets. Want to know more? Check out our guide on how to make your photography website mobile-friendly.

Hallelujah! You’ve just spotted the exact shade of blue that you’ve been looking for. But it’s on a non-downloadable Internet image? How will you ever get it? This Chrome extension allows you to do just that: pick the color from any point in your browser, from any website, and quickly paste it into another image editing program.

Best Chrome Extensions for Photographers Colorzilla

If you’re constantly frustrated by seeing  pictures on the Internet in small thumbnails, this extension will be your new favorite. It enables you to zoom in on any image, without having to load it. All you have to do is move your mouse cursor over the photo to see its full size. This great tool works on virtually any site with direct links to image files, like DeviantArt, Facebook, Google or Flickr.

Here is a Chome extension that will speak straight to the heart (and eyes) of photographers. It allows you to quickly check the histogram of any photo on the web. You simply have to right-click the image and choose “Toggle Histogram”, to see the colourful graph that appears as an overlay.

Best Chrome Extensions for Photographers Image Histogram

Search, download, enjoy

Afraid someone might be using your photos without permission? Want to know who’s the photographer of that fabulous landscape image? No need to be a magician: simply right click on any picture in your browser, choose the Google Image button, and you’ll automatically access the list of all the websites where the picture is shown. Image thieves, beware, ‘cause Google is watchin’ you!

Looking for inspiration? You have two (non mutually exclusive) options: 1. Subscribe to the Wix Photography Blog for your weekly dose of free and irresistible tips; 2. Download this extension, so that every time you open your Chrome browser, you’ll be welcomed by a beautiful high-resolution photo taken by the super talented community of Unsplash photographers.

Best Chrome Extensions for Photographers Unsplash

Did you say useful? This extension enables you to see all the images that a page contains within seconds. Plus, you can filter them by size, and download the ones you want. If you’re the indecisive type, you can also bulk download them all in one simple click!

Edit in a click

There’s nothing like Photoshop. But sometimes, you just need a less sophisticated tool to give a quick fix to a photo you’re about to send to a client, or share on your social media. Pixlr Editor is the perfect solution. This browser editor gives you control over most aspects of your images, including layers, effects and filters. Note that two less advanced versions are also available: Pixlr-Express (quick and efficient) and Pixlr-o-matic (for Instagram-filter-like results).

With 630,000 users, among which are tons of professional photographers, it’s one of the most acclaimed extensions for image editing. Color masking, brushing tools, the possibility to create your own filters… This tool is the most complete app we’ve found. Did we mention that it automatically fits any screen? That you can design with your mouse, keyboard and touch? And yes, it works offline too!

Best Chrome Extensions for Photographers Polarr

As its creators like to say, “fun” is BeFunky’s middle name. Literally. Hundreds of cool and unique effects are available for you to apply in a click on any of your images. Cartoonizer, oil painting, pop art… It can save you some precious time and energy to satisfy clients with “distinct” tastes. Not the most sophisticated of tools, but for sure one of the most entertaining!

Get inspired and more

As a photographer, you simply must to be on Instagram. This social media platform quickly became the number one place to build a strong community around your photos. Now you have the extension to complete the package. It enables you to check your Instagram notifications right from your toolbar, without having to compulsively check your smartphone. In this way, you’re sure to never miss a message, a like or a tag by a friend. For the rest, simply follow these 7 Instagram tips every photographer should know.

Google doesn’t only have one of the most complete and exciting range of products, from emails to maps to the world’s most powerful search engine. It also made sure to sync them efficiently within one another. That’s exactly the case with Google Chrome browser and Google Drive. Thanks to this Chrome extension, you can now save any kind of web content (documents, websites, images, audio and more) or screenshot them directly to your own personal folder.

Stay tuned for the best of design from all around the web. Simply install this extension and from then on, everytime you open your browser, the first page you’ll see will be a daily selection of inspirational content, mouse-picked for you by the über-selective guys of Muzli. The greatest curator, all for free.

Best Chrome Extensions for Photographers Muzli

Boost your computer’s webcam and transform it into a decent camera. This extension will enable you to take better pictures, and then quickly edit them with ready-to-use filters.

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