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Your always up-to-date guide to Wix’s AI tools

roundup of Wix's AI tools

AI is taking the world by storm these days, ushering in a wave of ground-breaking innovation across thousands of industries. The release of open-source AI tools like ChatGPT has changed the way we receive information, create technology and produce content—with new, exciting applications of AI cropping up every day. 

The truth is, however, AI is not brand new technology. And, it’s fair to say that Wix has been in the AI game long before it was ‘cool.' In 2016, Wix released Artificial Design Intelligence—a web development tool that uses AI to create custom websites for people much faster than what was previously thought possible. 

“We started ADI, which is Artificial Design Intelligence. Starting from there, we understood how much AI can contribute to website building. And we started understanding the use cases and the best way to use AI to build websites and online businesses." - Guy Sopher, Wix's head of AI Assistant, on HostingAdvice

Since that time, Wix has continued to innovate, integrating AI-based tools into its web platform. Read on for a complete and up-to-date list of Wix’s AI tools, and for information on how to make a website using the latest AI features. 

See Wix's free website builder up close today.

Wix’s AI tools for web design

AI website builder

Wix's AI website builder promises a custom, fully functional site that doesn't just look good, but also includes the tools you need to run your business effectively. The AI will ask you questions about your business and goals before designing a site—complete with the pages, business apps and content you need to get started. Make adjustments to your design via the chat or the Wix Editor.

Wix AI website builder chat example

AI portfolio creator

The portfolio creator makes it exceptionally easy to bulk upload media and organize them into collections for your online portfolio. Using AI image clustering technology, Wix will swiftly group your images, plus suggest compelling titles and descriptions for each project. You can then add these grouped assets to your site, laying them out as you please.

wix ai portfolio creator

AI text creator 

Wix's AI text creator is the ultimate solution to writer’s block: tell the AI what type of text you're looking for, then answer a few follow-up questions before receiving custom content for your site. Create anything from catchy titles to detailed text that is automatically optimized for your brand and user intent. The AI text creator offers a unique, chat-based solution that instantly writes text without sacrificing quality.

Wix's AI text creator

AI section creator

Wix’s AI section creator helps you quickly add a new section to your site. Let’s say you’d like to add an "About Us" section to your site, for example. From your editor, simply describe what you’d like this new section to include, and AI will generate a section for you—complete with design, content and images that match your site's look and feel. You can continue to edit the elements of your AI-generated section directly from the editor until you’re happy with the results. 

Wix's AI section creator

Alternative layouts tool

The alternative layouts tool gives you the ability to redesign the composition of your website in a single click. This feature allows you to shuffle through several ready-made layout alternatives from the menu bar that optimize your page’s content for user experience and visual flow. Once you’ve selected one of the preset layout options, watch as your site is updated with the new look in seconds.

Image auto-enhancement 

Image auto-enhancement improves your site images by analyzing and tweaking the color, contrast, brightness and sharpness of your photos. This feature enhances your images without the need for any manual editing. Use auto-enhancement to create a consistent aesthetic and professional look across all your images. 

Auto-background removal

Auto-background removal uses AI to identify the key element of an image, like a logo, and remove its existing background. After using the tool, you’ll receive a version of your key element on a transparent background, offering you the ability to place your image on new backgrounds and create many images from one source. Use auto-background remover to create focused visuals quickly and effortlessly.  

AI image creator 

Produce high-quality, unique images through written prompts with the text-to-image creator. Describe what the image should contain, choose the style you want for your image and watch as the image creator generates a custom image for you in seconds. If you’d like to see more options, you can select "Create Again" until you get an image you are happy with. Once you’ve selected "Use Image" you can crop, resize, add filters and more in the Photo Studio.  

Wix text-to-image creator

Upscale resolution 

Increase the clarity of your images with the upscale resolution feature. From the Photo Studio, go to the "Crop & Resize" option to access the auto-upscale tool. Upload your image and within moments you’ll get a version of your image with higher pixelation. Use this tool to turn dull, blurry images into professional-looking photos. 

Object eraser

Quickly remove unwanted objects from your images. When editing a photo in the Photo Studio, click "Object Eraser" and highlight the item you want to delete. Click "erase objects," and the AI will automatically remove the item and fill the gap. You can undo your changes at any time or adjust the eraser size as desired.

AI image editor

The AI image editor lets you edit images the way you imagined them by adding or replacing objects with just a few clicks. Simply highlight the object or section of your image that you want to change, describe what you’d rather see there and bam—AI handles the rest for you. Maybe you want to swap your T-shirt for a button-down shirt? Or, perhaps you want to inject a new object that you couldn’t get your hands on in the real world? Now you can. And if you aren’t happy with the results, you can always undo the changes and go back to the original image.

Wix’s AI tools for eCommerce

AI product descriptions

Make well-crafted product descriptions that highlight the benefits and unique selling points of your products with AI text creator. From the product page, input the name of your product, the type of store you run, and select "Create with AI" in the description field. You'll receive three versions of product descriptions that adhere to SEO best practices, and include keywords that will optimize your product pages for search engines.

Product recommender

Boost sales by recommending products to users on your site. As your customers are browsing, the AI product recommender suggests related products that your customers might be interested in, increasing your up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Select if you’d like to display products that are frequently bought together, frequently viewed together or from the same category, and let AI decide which products will appear in the gallery. 

Wix’s AI tools for online marketing and advertising 

Auto-generated trailers

Elevate your marketing for video content with auto-generated trailers. This tool analyzes your footage, curates the most impactful moments, and crafts compelling trailers for your videos in minutes. Drum up excitement for online courses, create buzz around your product releases and maximize audience engagement in just a few steps. 

AI email generator 

Create engaging emails in a flash with AI email generator. From the email marketing tab of your dashboard, select "Generate with AI." From there, you’ll first be prompted to indicate the main intent of your email, like promote a sale or welcome a new subscriber. You’ll then indicate your business name, business type, your preferred tone of voice and any important information that you’d like the email to include. AI email generator will present you with a ready-to-send email, complete with relevant images taken from Wix's extensive media library.

Wix's AI tool for email

SEO meta tags

The AI meta tag creator, located in the SEO settings tab of the Marketing and SEO tab of your dashboard, suggests SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions based on your site content and business goals. This tool offers three suggestions to you that are unique, attention-grabbing and meet SEO best practices. You can choose from one of the presented options, or edit one of the suggestions until it best matches your unique voice.

AI for Google Ads 

Google Ads with Wix allows you to create and manage Google Ad campaigns directly from your Wix Dashboard. The added layer of AI for Google Ads now helps you by creating high-quality, effective titles and descriptions for your Google Ads. Quickly create content that fits within Google’s required character counts, and that includes the key words you are targeting. 

Wix's AI tool for Google Ads

AI text for social captions

With Wix’s social media marketing tools, you can create and publish unique posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube directly from your Wix Dashboard. AI text now helps you complete your posts with strategic captions that adhere to platform guidelines, and that weave in best practices. Generate social media captions, complete with emojis and relevant hashtags, based on a prompt. 

Wix's AI tool for social captions

Wix’s AI tools for analytics

Wix Benchmarks

Understand how your website's performance stacks up against websites of similar size in your industry with the Benchmarks tool. Get insights into the traffic and sales of your competitors, along with tailored tips for improving on areas in which your site is underperforming. Use this tool to track the number of unique visitors to your site, bounce rate,  average session duration and more compared to other sites.  

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