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How to start a wedding blog in 6 steps

how to start a wedding blog

Starting a wedding blog is like creating a digital diary of your incredible journey through planning and celebrating love. It's a place where you can share your experiences, wisdom and even the occasional wedding mishap with a supportive community of fellow wedding enthusiasts.

A wedding blog can be a creative outlet, showcasing everything from luxe decor ideas to real love stories—and maybe even serving as a valuable resource for couples planning their special day. It can also stand as a lucrative content marketing tool to help leverage your expertise if you plan on someday starting a business in the wedding industry. 

If you've got personal stories to tell, advice to share or just want to celebrate the joys and challenges of wedding planning—go ahead and start a blog. Here are tangible steps for getting started.

Why start a wedding blog?

Weddings have evolved beyond trends to how ceremonies take place, from live-streaming to drones. A wedding blog connects you to an online community for support and inspiration. Share your unique wedding planning journey - experiences, challenges, triumphs and lessons learned.

Offer advice on wedding topics like venues, budgets, attire and decor. Share stories of overcoming obstacles and pursuing goals to empower other couples planning their weddings.

How to start a wedding blog in 6 steps

Ready to become a wedding blogger? Here's a simplified roadmap that covers six crucial steps.

01. Choose a blog niche

Choosing a specific niche for your wedding blog is essential to creating focused and valuable content that resonates with your target audience. Your chosen blog niche should align with your interests, expertise and the needs of couples planning their weddings. By focusing on a specific niche, you can establish yourself as an authoritative and trusted source within the wedding blogging community.

Here are five wedding-related blog niches and potential blog examples you could consider starting:

  • Destination weddings: Focus on providing information and inspiration for couples planning destination weddings, including destination guides, venue reviews and travel tips.

  • DIY wedding projects: Share creative and budget-friendly do-it-yourself projects for couples looking to add a personal touch to their wedding celebrations.

  • Real love stories: Feature real couples' love stories, wedding journeys and interviews, creating an emotional connection with your audience.

  • Wedding fashion and trends: Cover the latest wedding dress trends, groom's attire and bridal party fashion, providing style inspiration for couples.

  • Wedding planning tips and checklists: Provide practical advice, planning timelines and checklists to guide couples through the entire wedding planning process.

02. Select a blogging platform for your wedding blog

Selecting the best blogging platform is an essential step when starting your wedding blog. Opt for a blog maker platform like Wix that offers reliable hosting, security features and supports your branding efforts can make it easier to create, scale and monetize your blog.

The overall look, feel and design of your blog significantly influence the user experience. Select a blog template that complements your brand's aesthetics and caters to your niche audience. Then, personalize your blog's design, layout and color scheme to create a visually appealing and consistent look.

Note that branding is essential for establishing a recognizable identity for your wedding blog. Your blog's branding elements—such as colors, fonts and blog logo—contribute to creating a cohesive and memorable visual identity that resonates with your target audience.

A logo serves as the face of your wedding blog and represents its values and style. Using a logo maker helps you design a unique and eye-catching logo that reflects your blog's overall aesthetic.

03. Find the right name for your blog

Choosing the right blog name and domain name is a pivotal step in building awareness, establishing credibility and connecting with your audience. Your wedding blog's name is the first impression readers have of your content. It not only reflects your blog's identity but also creates an initial perception of your focus and personality. If you're struggling to find the perfect name, consider using a blog name generator or exploring blog name ideas.

Your domain name is the online address for your wedding blog. When selecting a domain name, consider these best practices:

  • Check that your domain name reflects your wedding blog's focus, values and niche.

  • Keep your domain name simple, easy to spell and memorable. Avoid complex words or lengthy phrases.

  • If possible, incorporate your wedding blog's name into the domain to reinforce brand consistency.

  • Include relevant keywords in your domain to enhance search engine visibility.

  • Numbers and hyphens can be confusing when spoken and might lead to misinterpretation.

  • After brainstorming potential domain names, check their availability.

Some creative wedding blog name options to consider:




Here are some wedding blog examples that we love:

Rachel Burt Garcia: Texas-based luxury wedding and party planner, Rachel has also appeared on Say Yes to the Dress and Real Housewives of Dallas. Rachel’s site uses a blog to share wedding planning advice and showcase real events.

Sota Brides: Friends since 2012, Cait and Ali are the creators behind Sota Brides, where they share their personal experiences and insights on wedding planning and bride-to-be events. 

Weddings at the Mark: The Weddings at the Mark blog offers readers tips, tricks, stories and suggestions on everything wedding-related, including honeymoons.

04. Plan and write your wedding blog content

Valuable, engaging content is key for a successful wedding blog. Use a content calendar to organize topics, dates and themes. Include evergreen content that remains relevant over time to continue attracting readers. Consider your audience—couples planning weddings. Address common challenges and questions they face. Share personal experiences and lessons learned. Authenticity resonates.

Create step-by-step guides, trend analyses and interviews with experts or real couples.

Some other potential wedding blog article ideas:

  • 10 Must-Have Items for Your Wedding Emergency Kit

  • Unveiling the Latest Wedding Trends: What's In and What's Out

  • Real Love Stories: A Journey to "I Do"

  • DIY Wedding Decor: Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Magical Day

  • Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue: A Comprehensive Guide

Want to know more about how to write blog posts? We’ve put together some of our top blogging tips to get you started:

  • Blog format: Organize your blog posts with a clear introduction, informative main content and a concluding summary or call to action.

  • Engaging blog titles:  Use titles that accurately convey the essence of your content. But be careful not to create clickbait-style titles just to get readers to click through to your content. “It’s a common mistake,” says Kylie Goldstein, Blog Growth Manager at Wix (and wedding enthusiast), “but focus on informative and clear.”

  • Use subheadings: In addition, use bullet points and short paragraphs to ensure a readable blog format.

  • Blog post length: When it comes to understanding how long a blog post should be, it’s completely up to the topic and audience. Sometimes longer is better, but sometimes short, pithy content wins the day.

  • Edit thoroughly: Also proofread your posts for grammar, spelling and clarity.

We recommend adding all of these tips to your blog post checklist to make sure you’re publishing content of consistent quality. 

You might also want to try using AI to write blog posts for your wedding content and understand more about how an ai content generator can help you with that.

05. Promote your blog

Promoting a blog effectively is crucial to reaching a wider audience and building a loyal readership in the blogosphere. You’ll need to use various blog distribution strategies to enhance the visibility of your wedding blog. Check out some tried and trusted ways to promote a blog below.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Optimize your blog posts for search engines by using relevant keywords, meta descriptions and image alt text. Blog SEO strategies are a great way to build organic traffic to your blog.

  • Social media marketing: Share and promote your blog posts on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Social media marketing can be both organic and paid. Utilize visually appealing images, engaging captions and relevant hashtags to attract readers.

  • Email marketing: Build an email subscriber list and send newsletters featuring your latest wedding blog content. This keeps your readers engaged and informed.

  • Guest blogging: Collaborate with other wedding bloggers or wedding brands by contributing guest posts. This introduces your blog to new audiences and establishes your authority. You can also write for their blogs and include links back to your blog.

“You can use your blog for more than just elevating your brand. By fostering relationships and collaborating on content, it can help build the foundation for thought leadership and authority building, both for you and within your industry.'”

Ophyr Hanan, Blog Growth and SEO Outreach Specialist at

To gauge how effective your blog promotion strategies are, consider looking into web analytics tools like Google Analytics or Wix Analytics and popular blogging tools. These can help you understand where your blog traffic is coming from, which channels your content is most popular on and which content seems to resonate with readers the most. 

You can then enjoy an easier time planning future content and choosing the most effective distribution channels for you. If basic SEO optimizations bring you reasonable organic traffic from search engines, you might want to double down on an SEO strategy.

According to Adi Avraham ,SEO Growth Specialist at,

"When it comes to SEO strategy, it’s essential to know your audience like a friend: Dive into their needs, desires, and the challenges they face. By crafting content that addresses their frustrations and provides valuable solutions, you'll not only boost your SEO game but also earn their trust and loyalty."

06. Monetize your wedding blog

Monetizing your blog can transform your passion into a source of income. Several popular strategies allow you to make money blogging while also providing valuable content and support to your readers. Explore these avenues and consider how they can align with your blog's focus:

  • Affiliate marketing: You can decide to promote products or services relevant to your wedding blog's niche. Insert affiliate links into your content and when readers make purchases through your links, you earn a commission. Incorporate genuine product recommendations to build trust with your audience.

  • Display ads: You can integrate display ads from networks like Google AdSense into your blog and earn money based on the number of impressions or clicks these ads receive. Ensure that your ads are unobtrusive and don't compromise the user experience.

  • Sponsored content: Partner with wedding-related brands for sponsored content opportunities. Write posts or create content featuring their products or services in exchange for payment. Disclose sponsored content transparently to maintain trust with your audience.

  • Wedding planning services: Offer personalized wedding planning services, consultation sessions, or workshops for couples seeking expert guidance. Your expertise and experience is a powerful and lucrative tool to assist couples in planning their dream weddings.

A good example of a wedding blog

Always and Forever Bridal Magazine is a one-stop shop for anything wedding-related, curated by founder Hailey Sage. Hailey created a website and uses a wedding blog to showcase everything from wedding trends and bridal tech to interviews and product round-ups. She shares her favorite DIY projects, budget-friendly tips and real love stories.

Other types of blogs to think about starting

Here is a comprehensive list of other blog types worth exploring.

Ideas for blog posts for your wedding blog, divided by category:

Wedding planning tips and advice

  • How to Create the Perfect Wedding Timeline

  • Dos and Don'ts for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

  • Choosing the Right Wedding Venue: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Budget-Friendly Wedding Decor Ideas

  • Essential Tips for Destination Wedding Planning

  • Making Your Wedding Guest List: Etiquette and Considerations

  • Creative Seating Arrangements for a Memorable Reception

  • How to Incorporate Personalized Details into Your Wedding

  • The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: What Not to Forget

  • Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Wedding

Real love stories

  • Our Love Story: From the First Date to the Proposal

  • Unique Proposal Ideas to Wow Your Partner

  • Real Wedding Spotlight: A Magical Day in [Location]

  • Love Across Borders: International Love Stories

  • How We Overcame Wedding Planning Challenges Together

  • Behind the Scenes: Capturing Our Engagement Photos

  • Celebrating Love: Our Intimate Wedding Ceremony

  • Love in the Time of Pandemic: Stories of Resilience

  • From High School Sweethearts to Lifelong Partners

  • A Surprise Wedding: When Love Takes the Spotlight

Wedding fashion and trends

  • The Latest Wedding Dress Trends: What's In for [Year]

  • Stylish Groom Attire Ideas for a Modern Wedding

  • Bridesmaid Dress Trends to Watch Out for This Season

  • Trendy Wedding Accessories to Elevate Your Look

  • Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Fashion: Get the Look

  • Bohemian Chic: Embracing Free-Spirited Wedding Style

  • Sustainable Wedding Fashion: Eco-Friendly Choices

  • Vintage-Inspired Wedding Dresses: Nostalgic Elegance

  • How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes

  • Outfit Ideas for the Rehearsal Dinner: Casual to Formal

DIY wedding projects

  • Handmade Wedding Invitations: Ideas and Tutorials

  • DIY Wedding Decor: Creating a Rustic Atmosphere

  • Crafting Your Wedding Favors: Personal Touches

  • Budget-Friendly Centerpiece Ideas for Every Theme

  • Personalized Wedding Signage: A Creative DIY Guide

  • Upcycling Wedding Decor: Turning Old into New

  • DIY Flower Arrangements for a Stunning Bouquet

  • Making Your Own Wedding Veil: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Crafting a Unique Guest Book: Creative Alternatives

  • DIY Photo Booth Ideas for Memorable Wedding Moments

Inspiration and motivation

  • Staying Positive During Wedding Planning Stress

  • Finding Balance: Self-Care for Brides and Grooms

  • Celebrating Your Love: Anniversary Ideas for Couples

  • Inspiring Quotes for Couples Planning Their Wedding

  • Overcoming Common Wedding Planning Challenges

  • Embracing Imperfections: The Beauty of Real Weddings

  • A Love Letter to Your Partner: Writing From the Heart

  • Moments of Joy: Capturing the Little Things in Love

  • The Power of Mindfulness: Enjoying the Wedding Journey

  • Gratitude in Love: Reflecting on Your Relationship

How to start a wedding blog FAQ

Do I need technical skills to start a wedding blog?

No, you don't need advanced technical or coding skills. Blogging platforms, like Wix, offer user-friendly interfaces with drag-and-drop features that make creating and managing a blog easy.

How often should I publish new content on my wedding blog?

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