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23 Perfect Templates to Take Your Business Online during COVID-19

While COVID-19 has undoubtedly challenged business owners, it’s also led to creative solutions. In response to the changing world, many businesses have started to move online. Fitness studios are broadcasting classes, restaurants are setting up online delivery systems, and stores are selling and promoting their products online.

Want to follow suit? Start with a sleek and professional website template.

Whether you run a service business, events, a restaurant or a store, there’s an eCommerce website template for you with a suite of built-in professional tools.

Check out these website templates to transition your business smoothly and successfully:

  1. Fitness

  2. Health & Wellness

  3. Online Stores

  4. Restaurants

  5. Consulting & Coaching

  6. Events

  7. Education


If your clients can’t attend workouts and classes in person, give them the full experience online. Run live Zoom classes directly on your fitness website, offer exercise video subscriptions and accept secure online payments. If your clients are in quarantine, meet their needs and write a blog with indoor fitness tips. You can even communicate with your clients through your site using Wix Chat or the Wix Owner app.

Yoga on Demand

yoga ecommerce website template

Fitness Trainer

fitness trainer ecommerce website template

Fitness Coach

fitness coach ecommerce website template

Online Fitness Video Course

online fitness video course ecommerce website template

Health & Wellness

In times like these, your clients’ physical and mental wellness take priority. With a professional website, you can guide your clients through the unique challenges of social distancing and staying at home. Let clients book appointments on your website 24/7, accept secure online payments and send video conference links in your confirmation emails. Showcase your expertise with health advice with an email marketing campaign.


psychologist ecommerce website template

Health Coach

health coach ecommerce website template

Online Stores

Start selling online and accept secure online payments from your customers. Increase your sales with marketing tools like abandoned cart emails and a Facebook ad campaign. If COVID-19 is impacting your inventory, source new products to sell with dropshipping and print on demand. Deliver your orders and create shipping labels right from your website. Alternatively, offer curbside pickup from your physical storefront.

Plant Boutique

plant boutique ecommerce website template

T-Shirt Store

tshirt store ecommerce website template

Fresh Produce Farm

fresh produce farm ecommerce website template

Online Bookstore

online bookstore ecommerce website template

Restaurants & Food

Move to online ordering with a beautiful menu and a complete restaurant system. Collect special requests and food preferences and give dish recommendations over Wix Chat. You’ll be able to accept orders on the phone and on your site, managing every order on one platform. With delivery zones, you can set unique order minimums or fees based on location. Customers can pay on your site and even tip online.

Restaurant Site

restaurant ecommerce website template

Vegetarian Restaurant

vegetarian restaurant ecommerce website template

Burger Corner

burger corner ecommerce website template

Consulting & Coaching

Schedule calls with clients and stream live webinars directly from your site. Use your website to promote your services and win over new clients. Feature real customer testimonials and case studies, and let visitors book intro calls before working with you. You can also showcase your professional knowledge and write a blog with advice relevant to COVID-19.

Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant ecommerce website template

Finance Consulting

finance consulting ecommerce website template

Success Coach

success coach ecommerce website template


If your guests can’t come to events, bring your events to them. Host lectures, concerts, meetups and conferences on your website. Invite fans to listen to your music online or attend drive-ins. Collect detailed RSVPs to track and manage attendance. On the day of your virtual event, stream right from your site by connecting with Zoom, Facebook or YouTube Live. Keep your community engaged with a Members Area and a discussion board with Wix Forum.

Webinar Landing Page

webinar landing page ecommerce website template

Meetup Event

meetup event ecommerce website template

Drive-in Movie Theater

drive in movie theater ecommerce website template

Rap Artist

rap artist ecommerce website template


Keep up with your students and clients with live-streamed lectures, including links to join classes on your site. Upload a video library of courses and classes, giving visitors options to subscribe or log in. If you run a school, keep all your students’ resources online, including reading materials and registration forms. If you tutor, display testimonials and let students and parents schedule sessions anytime.

Online Education Lectures

online education ecommerce website template

Private Tutor

private tutor ecommerce website template

Online Courses

online courses ecommerce website template

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