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Take bookings online with Wix bookings

Take Bookings & Get Payments 24/7 with the New Wix Bookings App

While you’re busy running your business like a boss, your new and existing clients want to book with you. And why wouldn’t they? You’re great! So, while you focus on your clients, use an online scheduling software to handle your scheduling for booking appointments, classes, meetings, workshops and whatever else you have to offer.

Wix Bookings enables your business to be available 24/7 by allowing your clients to book and pay for your services from your website or the Wix Owner app. Whether you’re a fitness trainer offering group sessions, a private tutor offering 1-on-1 lessons, a beauty specialist or a home service technician, or a travel agent with a travel and tourism website, with Wix Bookings you instantly get a personal assistant to help you manage your business.

Wix Bookings new features

Great Wix Bookings Features

Move Your Business Online

One of the biggest advantages of working with Wix is that you can easily move your business online. This not only means you can create a business website, but also that you can allow customers to work with you virtually. This will enable your service business (see our guide on how to start a service business) to continue to expand, even when people can't come into your physical location. A couple of the most recent highlights that are tailored to our online world include:

  • Virtual sessions: you can utilize Wix Bookings for virtual sessions. Allow customers to book sessions that work best for them by taking advantage of Wix's integration with video conferencing tools such as Zoom.

  • Capacity control: You can also limit the amount of people who can book individual sessions. This enables you to control based on your space and ensure that everyone can comfortably join your session.

Calendar and Booking Policy

Get more control over your calendar and make it easier for clients to book with you. A few Wix Bookings features that can help you do so are:

  • Booking Rules and Cancellation Settings: Customize your booking rules and cancellation policy for all types of businesses and services. You can also set time limits for how far in advance clients can book a session, the latest they can book, and how close to a session they can cancel or reschedule. Set these rules from desktop or mobile.

  • Manage Attendance: Record and keep track of your clients’ attendance and their payment status—right from your Booking Calendar.

  • Waitlists: Fill more classes. When a booked client cancels, give their spot to a waitlisted client.

  • Time Zone: Choose how to display your calendar’s time zone. Display service times in your business’ time zone, your clients’ time zone or let your clients choose which they prefer.

  • Booking Services: Get more control over your calendar for 1-on-1 bookings. Specify the duration of the sessions and the time you want for breaks in between them.

Check out this video to learn how to create a quick booking form.

New Bookings Widget and Apps

Optimize how you display services across your website.

  • Service List Widget: Display services anywhere on your site. Customize your service listings for each page.

  • Book Online Widget: Choose which services to display, personalize the design with 4 new layouts and tailor your service lists on mobile and more.

  • Speed Optimization: Your Book Online page now loads up to 4x faster.

Memberships, Packages and Coupons

Boost client loyalty with free trials, membership plans and special offers.

  • Paid Plans: Sell subscriptions for your services. Create memberships, packages and subscriptions, include benefits and let clients enjoy your services over a period of time.

  • Free Trial and Trial Plan: Give clients a chance to try your services before committing with trial offers.

  • Manage Purchased Plans: Make changes to plans even after your clients have purchased them. Edit the number of sessions in a package and extend the duration of packages and memberships.

  • Track Remaining Sessions: View the number of sessions your clients have remaining in their packages.

  • Coupons: Incentivize first-timers or reward loyal clients with discounts.

Showcase your services with Wix Bookings

Payments and Finance

Connect a payment provider and manage your business’ finances all in one place from your Wix dashboard.

  • Payment Providers: Choose from Wix Payments, PayPal, Stripe and more. See the full list of available payment providers in your country here.

  • In-Person Transactions: Update transactions in your dashboard and financial summary.

  • Financial Tools: Get an overview of your business transaction and financial details.

Customer Management

Build and manage your client relationships with richer CRM features.

  • Member List: Capture and manage more information about your clients. Add their photos and create labels. Attach documents like waivers and health forms to keep track of your clients’ personal info.

  • Tasks and Reminders: Stay on top of what you need to do regarding each of your clients. Create and assign tasks to staff as well.

  • Automations: Create and trigger automated emails when clients attend their first session, check in to class, when their membership is about to expire and more.

  • Terms and Conditions Checkbox: Make sure your clients accept Terms and Conditions when registering for your services. Edit your Booking Form to include the checkbox.

  • Wix Forms: Let your clients e-sign applications, waivers and more by adding the Signature Field to your form.

Staff Management

Set roles and permissions for staff so they can help manage your business. Create two new kinds of roles for your site. Bookings Admins have full access to your Bookings Calendar and Contacts page, but cannot edit other areas of your site. Bookings Staff Members can book their own clients, access their personal calendar and manage their sessions.


Get powerful insights to make data-driven decisions about your business. View analytics on new and returning clients, staff performance, top services, payment methods and more.

Wix Owner app

Use the Wix Owner app to manage your business and stay connected to clients on the go.

  • Sell and manage products, memberships and packages all from the app.

  • Add and manage new members, view their bookings and plans, and contact them directly from their profile.

  • Track check-ins, no-shows and mark services as paid.

  • Set your bookings and cancellation policies. Book your clients for any slot on your schedule, even if it’s out of your regular business hours.

  • Broadcast messages to class participants.

  • Invite clients to join a specific service by downloading Spaces by Wix, so they can not only browse your site, but interact directly with your business.

  • Edit staff details and availability.

  • Let staff members block time, manage class participants and add 1-on-1 sessions.

  • Let members update their notification settings and book, waitlist, or cancel their sessions in a click.

Wix Booking new features on Wix Owner App

Wix Bookings for Your Business

Whether you provide 1-on-1 appointments, classes, workshops, tours, or group sessions, Wix Bookings empowers you to manage and grow your business.

Manage a Smarter Schedule

Accept bookings 24/7. Your clients can find a time that best suits them right on your website or the Wix Owner app, based on your set availability. To keep everything in one place, your Google calendar syncs to your Wix Bookings calendar so you can stay up-to-date on all of your devices.

Stay Connected

If you’re worried about keeping track of incoming bookings on your salon website, don’t be. Once a client makes an appointment, you’ll both receive an email notification. Tired of no-shows? Not to worry, automatic reminder emails will be sent to keep you and your clients on the ball.

Get Paid in One Click

Don’t waste precious time collecting payments during sessions. With Wix Bookings, you can accept secure payments through Wix Payments, PayPal, Stripe and more—right on your website and the Wix Owner app. You can also track in-person payments from your dashboard.

Showcase Your Services

Choose a business website template that fits your unique business needs. Either choose a template that has Wix Bookings built-in, or add it to your current site with the click of a button.

*This article was originally published on January 6th, 2016 and was updated on January 1st, 2020 with new Wix Bookings features and product releases.

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