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We're Here for Your Business: Tools to Get through COVID-19

Wix Tools to Get through COVID-19

In the uncertain time surrounding COVID-19, Wix is making changes to support your business. Whether you manage events, services or a restaurant, check out these features to keep your business strong.

Booking Services

Your clients may not be able to attend your sessions in person—now’s the time to move your services online. Use the following features to manage changes and cancellations:

  1. Connect Zoom to Your Site: Host all your video sessions and meetings online with video conferencing. Generate a dedicated Zoom link for each session and automatically send it to your customers when they confirm their booking.

  2. Run Virtual Sessions: Maintain social distancing and your class schedule by taking your business online. Virtual courses are great for fitness classes, educational workshops, consultations, therapy sessions, programs for kids and more.

  3. Inspire Your Clients: Keep your clients engaged and encourage them to achieve their goals. Create a fitness or learning challenge and invite clients to track their progress over time.

  4. Create Prerecorded Sessions: Use video on demand (VOD) for non-interactive classes you can upload to your site and charge people to view them. Wix Video allows you to add videos and create channels your visitors can subscribe to.

  5. Quickly Refund Clients: If clients want to cancel their bookings, handle their refunds right from your Transactions dashboard.

  6. Get Professional Tips: Read up on best practices to keep your business running smoothly, online and offline.

Watch our online services webinar to learn more:


With many guests deciding to stay home, events are dealing with cancelations. There’s also a trend of transitioning events to online streaming. Whatever you decide, here are tools at your disposal:

Watch our virtual events webinar to learn more:

Wix Payments

We’re making changes to help you avoid a negative balance. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Refund without Fees: For the upcoming weeks, we’re waiving processing fees when you refund your customers.

  • Handle Chargebacks without Fees: You may receive chargebacks when canceling events or services. For now, we’ll also be waiving your chargeback-related fees.

  • Read Our Customer Disputes Guide: Get expert tips on how to manage refund requests and chargebacks.


Meet the increased demand for takeout with a professional ordering platform for restaurants:

  • Add the Orders App: Manage your orders from one place. Offer delivery options and accept secure online payments for orders and tips.

  • Keep Track of Phone Orders: Use the Restaurant Orders app to take down phone orders. Manage and fulfill every order from one system.

  • Manage Your Business from the Wix Mobile App: Accept and confirm orders, mark them as fulfilled and update when menu items are out of stock.

To learn more, watch our webinar on moving your restaurant online.

Online Stores

Paid Plans

Your customers’ routines are changing. Adapt your memberships and sell subscriptions to keep up:

  • Offer Video Subscriptions: Set up paid channels on your website for workout videos, tutorials, workshops, classes and more.

  • Suspend and Reactive Plans: Your customers may want to pause their memberships and continue later on. They can now suspend and reactivate their subscriptions.

Strengthen your business through the effects of COVID-19 with this full guide: Coronavirus: What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

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Tamar Nevo

Tamar Nevo

Head of Product, Wix eCommerce

Tamar has spent over a decade in product leadership with dynamic B2C companies, and is an established innovator in the field of eCommerce. As the head of product for Wix eCommerce, Tamar builds the tools that enable over 700k online stores worldwide.

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