10 Illustration Portfolios That Are Brimming with Talent

As an illustrator, your portfolio website is a crucial tool that helps both fans and potential clients explore your work. This online portfolio is also the place for you to craft the story behind your personal practice, shaping its narrative in your own words, colors, and style.

One of the very first steps in making a portfolio is to look for website design inspiration. We recommend eyeing some beautiful portfolio templates that you can use as a starting point for your own website. In addition, browse through some of the most outstanding illustration portfolios, looking closely to see what it is that makes them work so well.

We’ve collected ten portfolios by accomplished illustrators worldwide, all built on Wix. To help you in making your own, we’ve made sure to highlight some of the main takeaways for each:

01. Isabelle Feliu

Based in Oslo, Norway, Isabelle Feliu creates watercolor and gouache paintings that are reminiscent of an enchanted desert oasis on a hot day, filled with palm trees and hyper-stylish ladies. The alluring beauty of the places she envisions makes her illustrations into a visual wishlist of her dream travel destinations.

Isabelle’s illustration portfolio showcases her works in a long scroll format. Some of her client work, such as that for Marie Claire or graphic design magazine Wrap, is highlighted in individual project pages. Completing these pages are short descriptions, contextualizing the works by providing a bit of background.

Isabelle’s website also includes an Art Store, where site visitors and fans can shop her original paintings, tattoo permits, and more.

02. Miranda Sofroniou

Miranda Sofroniou’s illustrations offer a whimsical exploration of sights and views from her travels around the world – from mountainside road trips, to camel rides in desert dunes. Her illustration portfolio’s homepage combines these very different locations into a thumbnail display, using the Wix Pro Gallery.

The internal project pages provide a more in-depth showcase of some of her works, ranging from editorial illustration, to book covers, and even illustrated products like jigsaw puzzles.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Miranda’s open-minded approach to illustration involves mixing a variety of techniques, including gouache, watercolor, acrylic paint and collage. True to this spirit, her work process starts with a quick sketch that gradually evolves into a finished piece, making her imagery radiate ease and freedom.

03. Brian Cronin

New York-based Brian Cronin has illustrated for publications such as The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal and Time, alongside his personal paintings which have been shown in various exhibitions worldwide. He’s also illustrated many book covers, and is the author of a children’s seek-and-find book series.

Brian’s illustration portfolio launches into a short animation to announce his most recent book, The Lost Cousins, setting a festive, candy-colored tone for the rest of the site. Lower down on the homepage, Brian showcases a selection of his works in a grid format, including many of his illustrated book covers.

The website includes a selection of additional illustrated projects, a ‘Press’ page featuring some of the positive coverage and testimonials he’s received, and an online store where visitors can purchase prints of his works. When hovering over the detailed illustrations, we discover a close-up of the same piece to help us see and appreciate it better - a great practice when selling your art online.

04. Naomi Wilkinson

Based in Bristol, UK, Naomi Wilkinson has worked with clients such as Facebook, Etsy and Airbnb, and has also illustrated and created books. Her distinct style merges a nostalgic color palette with shapes resembling paper cut-outs.

Neatly organized on Naomi’s homepage are her many projects, consisting of gifs, illustrated patterns, greeting cards and more. She’s included ample amounts of whitespace from one image to the next. Each illustration opens up into a project page, with more images and a brief textual description to explain it.

05. Rose Blake

Starting from the illustrated pretzel used for this website’s favicon, Rose Blake’s portfolio is fun and lighthearted. The large, capital letters making up her name on the homepage are surrounded by a selection of little, clickable illustrations.

This unique navigation method is accompanied by a more traditional website menu at the top of the page, so that site visitors can choose their preferred way of browsing through Rose’s works.

The ‘About’ page features a short bio and a list of select clients - from the BBC to the Tate museum - accompanied by a photo of herself next to one of her posters.

06. Levi Jacobs

Levi Jacobs’ works have been known to add a refreshing flare to everything from the pages of The New York Times to food packaging and more. Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, his unique use of color, texture and shape is carried across the different mediums in which he works, from digital illustration to murals and printmaking.

Notice how Levi makes sure to take quality photographs of his works in action. By photographing his prints, he brings his posters and books to life, showcasing them as finished objects. This way, his portfolio provides a mix of both illustrations and photographs, adding visual interest to the browsing experience.

07. Ana Leovy

Having worked with The Guardian, Man Repeller, Teen Vogue and many more, Mexican illustrator and artist Ana Leovy creates colorful compositions with acrylics, gouache and watercolors.

In contrast to her lush paintings, her illustration portfolio’s homepage is clean and typographical. With no imagery at all, the design nonetheless commands our attention while highlighting Ana’s visual sensibilities, making it one of the best portfolio websites.

The use of text throughout the site boosts Ana’s personal brand, helping site visitors connect to the person behind the works. The text on her ‘About’ page, for example, does a great job of explaining her love for depicting strong, confident characters and celebrating diversity through her work.

08. Alex Gamsu Jenkins

Alex Gamsu Jenkins is an illustrator, cartoonist and animator from London. His work offers a humoristic exploration of the absurd, surreal and grotesque. This unique tone is also extended into his website design, starting with a swirling, gradient logo of his name at the top of the page.

He has also made sure to link this same logo back to the homepage - an important online portfolio tip that greatly improves navigation and user experience.

His illustrations and comic strips are displayed using the Wix Pro Gallery, stretching over the full width of the screen. When clicked, the images open to fullscreen mode. This enables site visitors to view each of them individually, set against a clean, white background.

09. Nathalie Lété

Throughout her prolific art and illustration career thus far, Paris-based Nathalie Lété has collaborated with endless brands, from Gucci to Anthropologie, illustrated many books, and has participated in various exhibitions.

Her portfolio website opens into a splash page that depicts an illustrated cat, inviting site visitors in. The site’s background is a scanned page of a sketchbook, adding to the sense of peeking into this artist’s studio and mind.

The homepage design offers an interesting take on the website menu, with hand-painted elements - flowers, a hedgehog, a squirrel - serving as buttons and leading to the site’s different pages. To complete the look, the ‘Home’ button is a little mushroom house with a smoking chimney. The result is a highly personalized website design, that’s perfectly in line with Nathalie’s body of work.

10. Hedof

Hedof, also known as Rick Berkelmans, has worked with clients such as Nike, Nickelodeon, and Samsung. His illustration portfolio places an emphasis on what his works look and feel like in real life, whether they end up taking the form of three-dimensional sculptures, printed objects, or mural paintings.

To indicate the diversity of his final products, Hedof shares photos of people interacting with his pieces. You can see people holding his printed illustrations, wearing stylish tote bags, or exploring his sculptures.

The portfolio is intuitive in its navigation, with elements such as a ‘Back to Top’ button and a logo that links back to the homepage, greatly contributing to the site’s user experience.

Text Eden Spivak

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