A Collection of the Best Website Designs for Your Inspiration

This post was last updated on June 4, 2020.

Web design has come a long way since the dawn of the internet. Together with the development of technology and the opportunities that follow, comes an emphasis on user experience and a whole new understanding of what it means to design for the web.

To celebrate creativity online and to get your imagination going, we’ve collected 23 Wix websites that present web design at its very best. From personal portfolio websites to online stores and more, here is some of the best website design you’ll find:

Best website design for showcasing personal works

01. Fei Luo Photography

When your works are this good, there’s no better way to show them off than with a fullscreen slideshow. Shanghai-based photographer Fei Luo does just that, putting her best works front and center on the homepage of her photography website. This helps instantly draw the attention of potential clients or employers to her skills and areas of expertise.

The rest of her portfolio is split up into categories, demonstrating her abilities in the fields of fashion photography, film and more conceptual personal pieces. Each of these pages is just as riveting as her homepage design, presenting her photographs in an uneven grid layout using the Wix Pro Gallery.

02. Invert Gallery

One of the best portfolio websites, Invert Gallery gives us a peek into the mind of Dayday Key, the graphic artist behind this one-of-a-kind design. Seemingly random snippets of witty text and collage-like images are layered one on top of another, forming an exciting assortment of visuals that work together perfectly.

Breaking most rules of website navigation, visitors are invited to scroll down to the bottom of the site to reach an alternative website menu, offering an exploratory experience. There, you can access Dayday Key’s truly unique ‘About’ page that includes not only his graphic design resume, but also entertaining audio.

03. Sharon Radisch

Fashion, interior and still life photographer Sharon Radisch shows us that sometimes, less really is more. She’s utilized whitespace to craft an elegant and stylish photography portfolio. Her works are spread out on her homepage in an eye-catching, asymmetrical composition. Doubling up as a website menu, each image links to a different page on her website and reveals text when hovered over.

The project pages are fluff-free, displaying only her photographs, crisp against a plain white background. Several small touches and attention to detail help elevate Sharon Radisch’s portfolio. Notice, for example, the hamburger icon that has been rotated 90 degrees, or the subtle hover effect on each image.

04. Brooke Cavallaro

Sydney-based designer and art director Brooke Cavallaro merges a classic website layout with an unusual color palette to express her unique style. The dusty pink text on the deep green background offers a twist on more traditional color schemes that are often seen in web design, while strengthening her personal branding efforts. The use of one sole serif typeface is also an unconventional choice, with websites often opting for cleaner sans serif typography.

Accompanying her enticing works is a peek into Brooke’s personality and interests. Right at the bottom of her site, you’ll find a small section sharing what she’s currently reading and listening to. This helps site visitors get to know her, while showing that she has a broad spectrum of interests.

05. Calvin Pausania

Photographer, designer and art director Calvin Pausania knows how to build suspense and get his site visitors intrigued. A black screen with a strong emotive sentence greets you on the homepage.

When first entering the portfolio, you’re faced with a subtle fullscreen video of drifting clouds. This mysterious yet sophisticated vibe continues on the inner project pages, where a combination of beautiful images and videos slowly glide in, layered one on top of another.

Calvin Pausania has also paid attention to his site’s user experience. There’s a brief written description of each project to contextualize the work. In addition, the menu icon is fixed to the corner of the screen, enabling fluid navigation between pages.

06. Ana Leovy

Based in Cancun, Mexico, artist and illustrator Ana Leovy has created an illustration portfolio that’s bursting with life and color. Contrasting with the rest of her website, Ana’s homepage is void of visuals, instead consisting of text on top of a plain orange background. This refreshing choice is carried out perfectly, blending a playful tone with meticulous attention to detail.

To complement the vibrancy of her illustrations, Ana has gone for a light gray background. All other details, such as her logo and menu, are small and unobtrusive, letting visitors focus on the works themselves.

07. Jennifer Xiao

Visitors to Jennifer Xiao’s site are instantly greeted with an illustrated splash page that perfectly captures her playful artistic style. Her pastel color palette, handwritten font and adorable characters make for an intriguing introduction to her portfolio.

Jennifer’s also added custom hover effects on each of her menu’s illustrated icons. When hovered over, the miserable plastic bag transforms into a smiling face, and the t-shirt icon sticks out its tongue. These small additions reflect the sensitivity and subtle touches that you can see throughout her body of works.

08. Ivy Chen

Fashion designer and illustrator Ivy Chen has married her two areas of expertise together using a mesmerizing parallax scrolling effect. Instead of showcasing her works separately, she has utilized this technique to layer photos of her clothing above her illustrations, giving site visitors a chance to scroll through her homepage and see her full scope of work.

As well as the dynamic collage format used to display her works, Ivy also has dedicated pages for her fashion and illustration projects. Her whole portfolio offers an engaging experience with a distinct visual language that remains true to itself throughout every detail, from the favicon to the color palette.

09. Junghoe Hwang

Freelance designer Junghoe Hwang has crafted the perfect combination of playful and minimalistic on his portfolio website. The design is clean, with a chic sans serif typeface, spacious layout and clearly defined website color scheme.

Contrasting with this is the background animation that evokes a sense of fun and lightheartedness. The text throughout the website is also friendly and inviting, from the introduction on the homepage to the microcopy that encourages visitors to “Hit me up!”

10. Yukai Du

This animation portfolio by London-based Yukai Du is a real treat for the eyes. With a plain white background and classic grid layout, all the focus is placed on the works themselves. The fullscreen video at the top offers a brief glimpse into Yukai Du’s various animation projects, inviting visitors to explore further.

While the homepage serves as a feed of beautiful works, the inner pages offer more details on each project. Checking off key portfolio tips, the text here is organized, arranged with a clear hierarchy in mind, and includes all the information a potential client or employer would look for.

11. Taylor Tyng

Created on Editor X, an advanced creation platform from Wix, this personal website by children’s author Taylor Tyng looks perfect at any viewport size. As you scroll down the homepage, an eclectic mix of objects glide into view, from a notebook full of handwritten notes and thoughts, to a collection of plastic toys.

The website really tells a story, giving visitors a feel for Taylor’s skills and personality through a combination of text and visuals. He has also started a blog in order to share his research and literary musings with his fans.

Best website design for online stores

12. Jérome Studio

When browsing an online store feels more like viewing a creative portfolio, you know the designer’s done something right. Each of Jérome’s impeccably designed bags and scarves are photographed in an original and appealing way, making them seem somewhere in between pieces of art on a podium and items you’d love to get your hands on.

Video clips featuring pristine bags riding down escalators add a sense of movement to the homepage. Paired with urban photography of gray cityscapes, the product photography really sets the tone for the brand, going beyond a simple display of the items themselves.

13. In Gold We Trust

A lot of thought has also been put into the product photography on this jewelry store’s website. The large cinematic photo on the homepage almost looks like a frame from a James Bond-esque movie, instantly helping to build a strong narrative around the brand and what it stands for.

The classic website layout is easy to navigate, with an organized menu and footer. The store section is also intuitive, offering visitors a comfortable browsing experience, thanks to the filters. Each item is displayed on a plain white background, as well as on a model, so that shoppers can get a real feel for the jewelry.

14. Beauty of Intuition

Specializing in skincare and biotechnology, this brand contrasts scientific aesthetics with trendy visuals. The background website animation is immediately associated with biology, while the elegant logo design and layered images form a fun, youthful look.

This mismatch of styles and visual languages is united thanks to the consistent color palette and use of typography. There’s also a convenient live chat feature, inviting customers to get in touch and receive an instant response.

15. Ducknology

From the duck emoji in the favicon to the exposed grid lines and oversized elements, everything about Ducknology’s site has been meticulously thought-out and is perfectly in line with current web design trends. The majority of the site is black and white, allowing key elements to stand out, such as the pill earrings and other photos of their jewelry.

Out of the many different types of logos, the brand has decided to go for a wordmark. This allows them to use it as a motif throughout their site, repeating it in various spots without it being overbearing or gimmicky.

16. Harasat

What really stands out on Harasat’s website is the consistent use of high resolution food photography. Luscious shots of spinach leaves, rustic food baskets and grains of rice fill the screen. The simplicity and professionalism of the website reflect the brand’s ethos: providing unrivaled quality food products to an international market.

Other than the images themselves, the website is straightforward and easy to navigate, with a side-menu that stays put on every page. Its use of clear, linear icons also improves the user experience, enabling customers to browse intuitively.

17. Muslin Brothers

With a bold design and stark color contrast, this fashion brand’s website truly stands out. Muslin Brothers pride themselves in their capsule fashion collections, made from basic forms and raw elements. This same approach is adopted in their website design, using blocks of color and simple shapes.

Their ‘Work’ page is where the site really comes to life, as visitors can scroll through conceptual photoshoots and videos of their statement pieces. On top of their wearable garments, Muslin Brothers use this space to showcase their artistic installations and performances.

18. Petite Paks

Petite Paks has used clear written copy and high quality photography to present their makeup packaging products. The homepage is inviting with an organized layout, a clean white background and visuals that help explain the text. As you scroll down the page, you gradually discover the story behind their products.

To refer to their product that’s centered around liquid and cream cosmetics, Petite Paks has incorporated makeup imagery throughout their site. Smudges of color are used to bring the product to mind and to break up the geometric layout.

Best website design for nonprofits

19. HERoines Inc.

This spot-on web design for HERoines Inc. makes this one of the best nonprofit websites out there. As an organization that empowers women and supports them in realizing their dreams, the website begins with a strong mission statement and crafts a sense of a purpose.

The design includes photos of women, alongside testimonials and details on upcoming events, fostering a feeling of community. HERoines Inc. has also made sure to include a ‘Donate’ button that stays pinned to the screen as you scroll through, encouraging visitors to get involved.

20. International Justice Project

Working to promote human rights, the International Justice Project has crafted a powerful, eye-catching website that certainly does justice to their cause. The mix of black and white photography, blocks of color and an asymmetrical composition forms a striking impact, piquing the curiosity of site visitors.

Taken straight from their brand colors, a bright, playful shade of green is used as the accent color, serving to lighten the atmosphere and appeal to the audience. It also stands out against the background, drawing attention to essential elements, such as CTAs and the all-important ‘Donate’ button. All of these elements together make this one of the best websites for nonprofit organizations.

Best websites by creative studios and agencies

21. The Ukrainian Young Book Design Awards

Sometimes, even age-old typography rules can be disrupted. This website for book cover design awards demonstrates just that. Boldly merging at least six different typefaces, it achieves a striking aesthetic. The diversity we see in font choices is balanced out with a strict color palette of blue, red and white.

Other than the FAQ page, the site is structured as a long-scrolling one-page website. The navigation is intuitive, thanks to the menu that stays fixed to the top of the screen. The website’s main CTA inviting visitors to submit their work leaps out of the page with its subtle animation and eye-catching design.

22. Stylists in Crime

Located in Barcelona, Stylists in Crime is a content creation, creativity and photography production studio. Their website expresses a strong sense of freedom and imagination, with its bright colors and graffiti-like elements.

The typography that appears to have been spray-painted onto the screen is a unique addition, helping strengthen their brand identity. This is especially evident in the website footer that includes all the essential details, while keeping aligned with the website’s visual language.

23. Studio Bonny

A succinct and powerful mission statement is the first thing you’ll see on creative agency Studio Bonny’s website. It’s also immediately evident that the brand has paid close attention to their use of typefaces, having chosen an elegant font pairing of a serif and sans serif typeface.

It’s not just the typography choices that give this website a sophisticated look; the sparse, spacious layout and the simplicity of the design form a refined aesthetic. Instead of filling their website with visuals and special effects, they’ve handpicked specific content that fits their needs, allowing it to take center stage.

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