How to Create a Facebook Business Page That Followers Will Love

How to Create a Facebook Business Page That Followers Will Love

Creating a Facebook Business Page is one of the first steps to pursue when building your online presence (right after you create a website). Facebook offers much more than cute animal videos and a way to stalk your high school frenemy. It is a uniquely important platform for marketing strategies that can be implemented by professionals of all kinds: business owners, artists, freelancers, political figures and many others.

The world’s largest social network offers a number of great methods for promoting your business or brand online. Today, we will discuss one of the most effective social media marketing tools among those: The Facebook Business Page.

In this article, we’ll show you the ropes of setting up a Facebook Business Page that will attract lots of ‘Likes’ and followers. But it doesn’t end there. We’ll also give you pointers about what to do after you get those impressive audience numbers to keep your fans staying hyped about your page.

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Facebook Business Page vs. personal profile

Before we dive into what goes into your Business Page, let’s first get some basic terminology out the way. You’re probably already familiar with all Facebook marketing has to offer to individual users from your own account with them. Unlike a creating a personal Facebook page, however, a Business Page is meant to represent your company or organization, engage with your target audience and to strengthen your branding online. To achieve this goal, Business Pages are equipped with special tools that are not available on regular personal accounts, such as:

  • Scheduling posts

  • Targeting specific user groups for specific posts

  • Allowing multiple admins and editors to manage the Page

  • Collecting and displaying reviews from customers

  • Creating ads and promote posts for pay

  • Analyzing your page’s activity and track the success of your social posts

But these capabilities are not the only thing differentiating Business Pages from personal profiles. The nature of your content and the tone you write in need to distinguish themselves from the casual social media interactions that you might engage in as a private individual.

Do the prep work

As you approach creating your Business Page, start with some research. Study your target audience to get a good picture of how to engage them in the most productive way: What captivates your intended demographic groups? How do they communicate on social media? What type of lingo and visual language do they prefer? You can answer these questions by reviewing Facebook pages of famous brands in your industry, as well as small businesses that are similar to yours.

With this information, you can start developing your posting and communicating strategy. Prepare a list of topics for future posts that have strong engagement potential and figure out what frequency of posting will be most beneficial to your online presence.

Create gorgeous visuals

When it comes to Facebook, you can’t overestimate the power of great images. Prepare your visuals ahead of the launch to make sure that your page looks absolutely stunning from day one. In addition to a captivating cover photo and the business profile pic, prepare photos for at least a couple of albums to be posted upon launching (but leave some stellar ones to post for when you accumulate some followers). It’s worth investing in professional photos of your products, your work space (if your business has a physical location), or events you’ve participated in or hosted. Use this guide for social media image sizes to make sure your visuals are set to the right dimensions. Depending on your type of business, you may want to prepare video content, as well. Great ideas for social videos include a demonstration of your products in action, tips and recommendations you can share as an expert, a testimonial interview with a happy client or a behind-the-scenes look into how you work.

Write a rocking ‘About’ description

When you visit any successful Business Page, you’ll notice the ‘About’ tab. Brands use this space to portray a brief description of what they offer and why they are the best in their field. Facebook will prompt you to enter this description as part of the process of creating your Business Page so you want to have it ready to go beforehand. This short text needs to be both inspiring and to-the-point. Looking for inspiration? Check out the ‘About’ sections of Skittles and Netflix for two different approaches, each compelling in its own way.

You should use the ‘About’ section to include a link to your website, as well as your contact information and possibly a business address, if relevant. These details appear in your page’s main tab and are often used by visitors looking to get in touch. They also demonstrate your brand’s trustworthiness by showing that you run a real and approachable business.

Coin the perfect username

The username you select for your Page is super important for two reasons. For one, it will determine your Page’s URL, and you obviously don’t want to be stuck with a link that looks like someone fell asleep on the keyboard. For example, In addition, your username will show up when all of your current and potential fans search for your company on Facebook’s search engine. You want to make sure that your page is easily recognizable among the many search results that will show up there. And lastly, fans use your page username when they want to tag you in a post or comment. If your name is not intuitive enough, they won’t be able to locate your page and you will miss out on the opportunity to engage with them.

Post right away

Now that your page is ready to go live, it’s time to get to work. Before you begin any efforts to promote your page, start adding the content that you prepared in advance. You don’t want first-time visitors to encounter an empty page. Publish several posts (at least three) that include great images. You can begin with a ‘Welcome’ post, introducing your brand to the Facebook community and inviting people to get in touch. Since these posts will be published before you gain a real following, it’s probably wise to reserve your strongest ideas for later posts.

Use Pinned Posts

Past posts lose visibility with time because they get pushed down your main timeline when new ones are published. If you have a particular message that you want to highlight to visitors, you can publish it as a post and then pn it to the top of page. This way, the post stays ‘stuck’ on the very top of your timeline and remains as the first thing that visitors see. You can always unpin the post when you want to, and even rotate between different posts that you want to emphasize.

Customize your CTA

Call-to-Actions are short phrases that prompt your online audience to take immediate action. When it comes to your Business Page, tailor your CTAs to Facebook’s particular culture and to the specific branding language you work with on this platform. Whether you are asking followers to subscribe to your newsletter, comment on or share your posts, visit your website or purchase products, you want to leverage Facebook’s strengths as a visual and social platform to make your CTAs more effective.

Use captivating images and strong active verbs to motivate your followers to immediate action. Give them a clear incentive that shows that they have something to gain. Integrate trending topics, special occasions or holidays to make your CTA relevant to the here and now.

Set up Messenger

Just like with personal profiles, businesses can use Facebook’s Messenger to communicate with followers privately and directly. This is a great tool for companies and brands to hold one-on-one conversations with followers and potential customers. With Messenger, you can answer questions on the spot, complete reservations and bookings and offer personalized social customer care.

You don’t need to be online 24/7 to offer Messenger as a contact option. Facebook lets you set up your operating hours, so that the Messenger appears active only when you are available. You can even use the Facebook chatbot for basic questions and answers so that you never miss out on an opportunity to keep followers feeling satisfied by your quality of support.

Send invites

One of the most effective ways to build your followers base is sending invitations through your personal profile. Especially at the early stages, when your page is still young and fresh, mobilizing your Facebook friends can give you a great boost to the page ‘Likes’ number. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask colleagues and friends to spread the word and invite their own friends to ‘Like’ your page. That is, after all, what a social media network is in action.

Grow your followers base

As the owner of an emerging business page, you can’t expect people to just show up and start engaging. You need to be proactive about promoting your page and increasing your page ‘Likes.’ Fortunately, Facebook offers a variety of ways for page admins to attract new followers:

Regularly post engaging content: Design posts according to what will make your target audience want to see more of what you have to offer. Whether you move on to Facebook live, or creating interactive campaigns - excellent content is the number one feature that will attract people to your page.

Incentivize followers: Facebook’s greatest advantage for business owners is that it can convert followers into promoters, just by clicking ‘Share.’ Encourage this transformation by offering special promotions, gifts, and deals to those who share your post with their own networks. Give your fans a good reason to become your promoters.

Create virtual community: Seek out other brands, artists or organizations that are relevant to your own work, and ‘Follow’ their pages. Becoming a part of a relevant network will lend greater visibility to your content.

Consider paid promotions: This option is one way to increase your reach. There’s no need to apply for any loans – you can control just how much you are willing to spend. You also have the ability to define which groups get to see your promoted posts, giving you access to a highly targeted audience. To learn more, check out this guide outlining the best practices for Facebook advertising.

Get verified

Ever noticed the little checkmark you see next to the username of some Business Pages? That icon signals to followers that Facebook has verified the Page as authentic and reliable. Getting your page verified will add to your trustworthiness and show potential clients that you are the real deal. Follow Facebook’s guidelines to get your Page verified.

Master the art of the page

Be an attentive admin: Facebook pages are more than a space for publishing pretty photos of your brand. Treat your Business Page as a communication channel and engage closely with your followers. Be sure to respond to comments, visitors’ posts or private messages in a timely fashion. When you answer, try to keep the conversation going by asking the commenter questions and show interest.

Explore Facebook’s content options: Your page offers you various ways to publish content, from Live video broadcasts, through to Polls, special Events and Offers. Take the time to learn how these features work, what new Facebook features are available, and how they can help to promote your Page or increase engagement.

Analyze your page stats: A constant part of running a Business Page is measuring and tracking the performance of your content. Facebook’s analytics tool, Insights, will become your new best friend and tell you all you need to know about what’s great and what’s not so great about your page activity. Use this information to refine your content strategy and to set new goals.

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