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Funny Instagram Bios That Are Sure to Brighten Your Day

Funny Instagram Bios that Will Brighten Your Day

A lengthy written biography can say a lot about a person, whether it’s in the form of a book or the ‘About Us’ page you created for your website. However, in the world of online profiles, there’s almost always a limit to your biography text. For social networks like Instagram, you’re only given the rough equivalent of an old-school tweet’s amount of characters (150 characters) to say who you are and what viewers can expect to see in your profile. Despite these restrictions, some brands have taken the challenge to task and the results are truly fantastic.

Like an octopus squeezing itself into a tiny jar, look at how these brands conveyed their personality in even the tiniest of spaces:

Orlando Universal bio
The only filter you need to apply to these photos: Envy green.

If you're interested in crafting a bio of your own, take a look at these tips for how to write a bio.

By Blake Stimac

Community & Social Media Manager

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