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11 best Instagram templates to use today

Instagram template examples

When starting a small business or blog of your own, the first crucial step to achieve success is to create a website that properly represents your brand personality. After that, it’s time to get visitors who will turn into loyal customers.

There are several different methods for getting these visitors to your site, and these days, some of the best promotional techniques involve crafting a social media marketing strategy. For instance, you can use a link in bio tool to generate traffic towards your website and other online assets directly from your social media bio section. According to our experts, Wix users who shared social media posts got 2.3 times more visitors to their websites.

With over 140 million users in the US alone, Instagram is one social media platform that continues to capture the hearts of companies and customers everywhere. A vibrant place to build brand awareness, using Instagram as a marketing tool is almost a given.

To make the most out of your Instagram strategy, you’ll need to create compelling visual content that engages your audience. In this article, we’ll discuss the wonderful world of Instagram templates, taking a look at examples that you can use and customize to completely wow your audience.

What is an Instagram template?

Instagram templates are pre-made Instagram post and story layouts that can be edited and customized. They’re a great Instagram tool because they're easy to use, look highly professional, and can be created seamlessly on a computer or mobile device.

In fact, you don’t even have to be an experienced designer to create stunning Instagram posts. Many brands will turn to using pre-made templates with apps if they lack the resources to create their own.

Instagram template example

Why should you use Instagram templates?

Instagramming is an art that requires consistent engagement with followers. This starts by crafting the perfect combination of attractive visuals and written content, while exhibiting a brand identity that’s consistent throughout your posts. Instagram templates provide a solution to both of these demands.

First of all, if you’re not a professional graphic designer and don’t have one on hand, using pre-made Instagram templates lets you create gorgeous posts with ease. The more you charm audiences with beautiful visuals, the higher the chances they’ll like your posts, follow your feed and click through to your website.

The second reason to use Instagram templates is to maintain a consistent look and feel, which is a key aspect of branding. Whether it’s your brand colors, font type or tone of voice, repeatedly making use of these distinct traits will improve your social media presence, brand recognition and help audiences relate to your Instagram marketing content.

Using templates means you can create exciting variations of feed posts, Instagram stories or a carousel while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. On that note, when multiple people manage your Instagram account, pre-made Instagram templates will make it easy for everyone on board to stick to your brand’s style guidelines.

11 Instagram templates from Wix

If you didn’t know already - at Wix, we take branding seriously. Here’s a small taste of our social media graphics collection, which is updated constantly to keep up with the latest trends. All of these Instagram templates are created by professional designers, and they’re customizable to match your business’ needs.

01. Sale Instagram template

If your business includes an online store, it goes without saying that you’ll organize sales throughout the year. An eye-popping template like this is perfect for capturing the attention of visitors. The stark contrast of color, stylish imagery and unique arrangement of text will help you create hype around the event.

Instagram template example

02. App download Instagram template

This Instagram template allows you to create a graphic that reminds followers to download your business’s app. The background image of someone holding a smartphone emphasizes the post’s call-to-action (“Download The App”). Plus, emojis scattered throughout the template’s design add a warm, friendly touch that helps users feel connected to your brand.

instagram template example

03. New product Instagram template

As a small business owner with an Instagram business account, it’s important to update followers when you introduce new products or services. This calls for a special Instagram template to help you make the announcement in style. This template shouts “New!” from the rooftops, using overlapping text boxes to beckon customers. To customize this post and save time, highlight the text with colors that match your website’s color scheme and use an image of your product as the background.

By the way, if you have your own blog, this template example is also great for updating followers about new blog posts.

instagram template example

04. Friendly reminder Instagram template

Let’s say you’ve got an event coming up that you want to promote. What better way to increase signups than by announcing there are only a few spots left? This friendly reminder will go a long way - it’s fun, unique, and includes clever imagery that clearly communicates its message to followers.

Pro tip: Facilitate signups by directing users to a registration page. You can do this by including it in your post’s caption, or adding the link to your Instagram bio.

instagram template example

05. Wisdom Wednesday Instagram template

Wisdom Wednesday is a much better nickname than “hump day,” don’t you think? Add some value to your feed by giving followers a dose of wisdom in the middle of the week.

Since Instagram is an image-centric platform, a graphic with an awesome vector illustration will make users stop scrolling to take a closer look. Add the caption to offer a piece of advice or motivational quote. Inspirational quotes have an enormous consumer appeal in almost every market, and are a fantastic way to gain new followers.

instagram template example

06. Last chance Instagram template

A touch of minimalism goes a long way in this Instagram template, where a neutral background tone allows the bright message to stand out. The combination of imagery and text clearly communicates to followers that they have a limited time to take advantage of a special offer.

There’s plenty of space to add custom next or imagery in this template, too. One idea is to include create your own logo in order to further brand the post.

instagram template example

07. Quote of the day Instagram template

Quote of the day posts are a savvy way to get users to fall in love with your Instagram feed. Whatever your industry, you can use a template like this to give your followers meaningful tips from industry experts or other inspiring words.

This template’s poetic feel is emphasized by the bookish imagery, and the combination of serif and san serif fonts adds a modern touch.

instagram template example

08. Keep calm Instagram template

“Keep Calm and Carry On” was a slogan originally used in a poster by the British government to build public morale in preparation for World War II. Today, this image and its manifold variations have been used in advertisements and memes across the internet.

The model is versatile, and can be creatively adapted to make advertising posts for your business and help you make money on Instagram. Let’s say you’re a Yoga instructor - you can customize this template by replacing the rainbow with an image of a Yogi mid-pose, writing “Keep Calm and Do Yoga” at the bottom.

instagram template example

09. Thank you Instagram template

Nothing shows Instagram followers how much you appreciate them than thanking them for their loyalty. We love this bold template which uses the colloquial “thanks” to communicate the grateful sentiment in a familiar way. Personalize this template by using a background image that perfectly represents your brand, or by altering the color of the wordmark.

If you’re wondering when it’s appropriate to thank your audience, the answer is: almost always. One popular trend on Instagram is thanking followers when you reach a landmark audience number (think 500, 1,000, 5,000 followers and beyond!). This not only makes the appreciation for your community palpable, but it also proves your brand is growing - and shows off your popularity to potential customers.

instagram template example

10. Pic of the week Instagram template

Instagram hashtags are a great way to gain followers. Hashtags will index your posts so that Instagram users who aren’t yet your followers can view your content. Certain hashtags get more action than others, but # pictoftheweek (with over 1 million posts to date) is a popular example that can increase engagement, especially if you’re using Instagram to promote your photography portfolio or blog.

instagram template example

11. Sunday funday Instagram template

We all need the occasional reminder to take a step back and have fun. A “Sunday Funday” post might be positive reinforcement that your followers need to do just that. A template with this theme is strategic for facilitating conversation with your followers, too.

Should you use this template, accompany it with a caption that will encourage participation from your audience. A question like “What are you doing for Sunday Funday?” will lead to comments and answers, boosting engagement with your post.

instagram template example

How to create and share Instagram Templates with Wix

  1. Go to and log in to your site’s dashboard.

  2. In the menu, click Marketing & SEO and then Social Posts.

  3. Choose the template you want or start from scratch.

  4. Customize the background, text and graphics.

  5. Save the post or share it right away on Facebook or Instagram.

  6. You can also schedule the post to go live at a set time.

how to use an instagram template

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