Web Design Trends: What to Expect in 2018

Milton Glaser, the graphic designer behind the famous I Love NY logo said, “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!” Nowadays, with the influx of websites flourishing all over the Internet, that ‘WOW’ factor is your key to standing out from the crowd.

So what exactly do you need in order to sparkle? First, you’ll definitely need a powerful tool to create your own stunning website. We assume since you’re reading this blog post you already know that Wix is the best platform to do just that (and the experts would agree). Secondly, you’ll want to focus on discovering the upcoming web design trends of 2018 to make sure your creation receives the love it deserves.

In the fast paced world that we call home, technology, Internet habits and web design trends are constantly changing. So in order for you to stay in the know, we’ve rounded up the hottest web design trends you’ll see online in the new year, kindly provided by our esteemed Wix design team.

Without further ado, here are the web design trends you’re guaranteed to see in 2018:

Rethink typographies

Typography serves as one the most crucial branding elements for any business. For the longest time, it was an unwritten ‘design’ rule to play it safe when it comes to mixing multiple types of fonts, but this year the rules are changing. Typography will take on a new role of acting not only as text but will also serve as an image. Saying this, make sure your masterpiece is displayed above the fold. Get ready for the big, the bold and the beautiful!

So, what exactly are we going to see?

Caution: Mixing up your typography should only be for aesthetic reasons, so don’t try this in paragraphs or blog posts where readability is essential.

Add decorative details

The clean, understated simplistic look might have lasted a while, but it’s time to make way for some decorative details in 2018. Be on the lookout for geometric shapes and icons. The purpose of these embellishments? They are great for adding a little extra attention to certain areas or content on your site – or simply just for decorative purposes.

Caution: Like all wise mothers say, “everything in moderation.” Make sure these details are used to add attention, rather than distract your viewers.

Break the (layout) rules

There’s been a gradual increase of trendy websites that are changing users’ browsing habits. In regards to navigation: the horizontal menu along the top of your site is still a good practice but don’t be afraid to go for a creative hamburger menu, a floating social bar and content that’s laid out in unique and untraditional ways. When done right, this fashionable trend will ensure that your website is overflowing with original style.

When it comes to the design aspect, there’s a shift towards layouts that look more stylish and out of the box. Imagine something along the lines of an editorial magazine. Many of these sites take on the notion of “organized chaos” but since people are more savvy when it comes to scanning websites, it works.

All this also allows for:

  • More freedom with sizes and page alignment

  • Asymmetrical layouts

  • A variety of media (text, video, images) all in one space

Caution: This new take on traditional layouts seems fun and freeing, but keep in mind that users still need to find all your important information without searching too much.

Incorporate animation

It may not be groundbreaking for web design to incorporate animation, but there’s a definite increase of this ever-so-subtle detail. The interactiveness of animation ensures any site is playful and catchy, encouraging visitors to browse for longer. Again, use it wisely and tastefully. Animation should add effect to selected elements on your page. For example, we love the mouseover shown in the gorgeous template below.

Some more examples include:

  • Parallax scrolling (The continued trend of 2017)

  • Transition between pages

  • Animation on certain elements or sections

  • Mouseover effect

  • Custom animations (Made possible by Corvid by Wix in the Editor)

Caution: Overusing animation will result in a “heavy” site that takes forever to load. Don’t compromise your visitors’ patience.

Showoff with videos and 3D effects

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last five years, you’ve probably witnessed the rise of the video era! You can easily incorporate this highly engaging medium onto your site using a video background or video strips. Using video or moving 3D elements is a great way to visually show your story, product or service. For example, imagine how much more attractive a product would look if it was shown from various angles. You’ll be sure to captivate your visitors right from the start.

Speaking of moving objects, 3D animations are proving to be just as trendy as videos. Take a look at this impressive use of the trend that was shown at the 2017 OFFFTLV festival created by our very own Wix Studio team. How cool is that?

Caution: While its all good and well to use video, the placement of your visual content is essential. You’ll want to display your video above the fold so that you’re sure to get your brand’s message across right from the get go.

Experiment with colors

Moving onto the colors. While still taking your brand into consideration, the general theme of 2018 seems to be “everything goes!” From those delicious pastel colors to the vibrant and flashy, to those much loved gradients and monochromatic palettes, color is very much a leading trend for the upcoming year. Of course, solid colors will always be fashionable – black and white styles are still in. There’s one particular color that’s making headway for the new year: ultra violet! If ever there was a time to be bold and colorful, it’s certainly now. The template below, magnificently combines a few of the styles we just described:

Caution: Save your site goers a trip to the optometrist – use these colors sensibly.

To sum things up: 2018 is all about being audacious, “out there” and original. With all this creative freedom, the design options are endless!

By Taira Sabo

Wix Blog Manager

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