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How to Write a Blog Title That Will Hook Your Readers

How to Write a Blog Title That Will Hook Your Readers

This post was updated on April 25, 2020.

Whether you want to create a blog for business or pleasure, getting people to actually read and engage with your content can prove to be a challenging venture. While there are several factors that make blog posts successful, one of the most important is a compelling title. Creating the right title is critical, as it’s what initially hooks your readers.

So, how do you go about crafting catchy blog titles that will intrigue and inform your readers? As a first step, try out a title generator to help you brainstorm ideas.

Then, take a look at these detailed approaches on how to write a blog title that stands out.

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What makes for a good title?

When figuring out how to start a blog, one of the most important considerations is the topic and name of your blog as a whole. The same logic can be applied to individual blog post titles. No matter how it’s spun, your blog post title should be clear and understandable out of the gate so that readers know exactly what to expect from your article. This is something that you need to keep in your mind when you begin the writing process. As well, you need to mindful of its length.

When we’re talking about length, we’re essentially talking about two elements. First, the title of your blog post that will be featured on your blog. This should be readable and summarize the article in a few words. The second is your SEO title, which is what is displayed in search engine results. Within your Wix Blog, what you choose for your blog title will automatically become your SEO title, so you don’t have to do a thing! Just make sure that it’s within the recommended length – about 65 characters max.

How to write a good blog title?

  1. Research your audience

  2. Make your title descriptive

  3. Use approaches to writing titles that work

  4. Indulge your readers curiosity

  5. Appeal to your readers emotions

  6. Give your blog audience a quiz

  7. Lead with an attention-grabbing headline

  8. Offer expert advice

  9. Share your tips

  10. Make a list when creating your blog title

01. Research your audience

With your well-thought-out title in tow, it’s time to ensure it’s optimized for search engines so that your blog ranks well. First, think about what your reader would search for in order to come across your blog post on a search engine. Identify a couple of keywords that would be used in that search and include them in your title. You can use a tool like Google AdWords to identify keywords and their search volume. Remember to write for the reader – don’t force a search engine to find you by stuffing your blog titles with keywords.

02. Make your title descriptive

Think of your title as a block of clay. You know what shape you’re trying to go for, but your first step is to carve out the primary piece that you will then begin to mold and detail into the finished product you want. Start by drafting a general, broad-stroked headline. Make it as obvious and to the point as possible so that you can only enhance it going forward.

A general formula you should follow is:


Number/How/Why/What + Keyword + Adjective + Promise


For example: How to Write a Blog Title That Will Hook Your Readers

Now that your piece of clay has the general shape you want, it’s time to start playing around to make it come to life. Using descriptive words, you’ll be able to take your title to the next level.

03. Use approaches to writing titles that work

Unsure of how to make your title a zinger? You’re in luck! Buzzsumo analyzed 100 million headlines, and below you’ll find some of the best approaches from their findings.

04. Indulge your readers curiosity

Humans are terribly curious by nature, so if your title offers exclusive information or something that readers don’t know about, they’ll want to find out what you have to say. Adding a touch of mystery to your title will have people wanting to know your secrets.

Blog title examples with mystery we love:

Example of blog titles that intrigue and indulge curiosity.

People are freaking out about what this super food can do.

How to write a blog title: intrigue curiosity

5 secrets successful people will never tell you.

05. Appeal to your readers emotions

Deep down, we’re all softies. Whether it’s humor, sadness, or shock, emotionally connecting to a reader through your title can resonate, and ultimately, result in a click.

Emotional blog title examples to pull on heartstrings:

How to write a blog title: pull on their heartstrings

A woman gave a homeless man $5. What he said next will make you cry.

How to write a blog title: make it emotional

These stunning random acts of kindness will melt your heart.

06. Give your blog audience a quiz

We all like to have fun, and quizzes are a great way to get engagement. However, putting a spin on it and asking the reader if they can guess something is totally asking for a read. Using the words “Can we guess” is a particularly good approach for grabbing attention. It immediately tells the reader that there will be some sort of interaction and guarantees engagement from the blog post itself.

Blog title examples that are actually questions:

How to write a blog title: ask them questions

Can we guess which state you live in by asking these questions?

How to write a blog title: give them a quiz

Can we guess your age by asking only 5 questions?

07. Lead with an attention-grabbing headline

Not all answers need questions. Even if your readers don’t have one in mind, offering an answer to something is an attention-grabber.

Attention-grabbing blog title examples:

How to write a blog title: explain it all

This is why you sleep best during the middle of the week.

How to write a blog title: answer their questions

Hate clickbait articles? This is why!

08. Offer expert advice

The Internet is filled with all sorts of information, but people are put at ease when it’s coming from a professional. Saying that your blog offers expert information is a great way to give your readers a sense of quality and dependability.

Blog title examples offering advice:

The experts weight in on the latest fad diet.

How to write a blog title: offer advice

The pros that put this rumor to rest once and for all.

09. Share your tips

Readers aren’t just looking for the best way to do things, they’re also looking for what not to do so they can avoid mistakes. Going hand in hand with “Expert Advice,” let your audience know how to avoid the pitfalls so they can stay on the track to success.

Blog title examples with mistakes to avoid:

How to write a blog title: share tips

5 mistakes to avoid when starting a new business.

How to write a blog title: share your tips

10 foods you don't want to eat if you're trying to lose weight.

10. Make a list when creating your blog title

Lists work incredibly well when it comes to creating your blog title. They can be used in virtually any of the approaches mentioned above, and they’re attractive to readers. People gravitate to numbers and offering a list of tips tells the reader that they’ll receive information in a straightforward and simple manner.

Blog title examples that reveal a list to come:

How to write a blog title: make a list

10 essentials tips for the first time owner.

How to write a blog title: make a list

5 things you should always have with you when going to the gym.

Now that you’ve sculpted your perfect title, you might want to step back from it and return to it with fresh eyes. Even if you’re happy with what you’ve created, analyzing it at the end of the process, could allow you to catch something you didn’t notice before so you can optimize it further.

By Rebecca Tomasis

Organic Growth Expert


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