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Web Design \ JUL 28th 2016

New Parallax Scrolling Effects Are Here to Beautify Your Website!

Exciting news, Wixies! We just upgraded the parallax scrolling feature to a whole new level by adding unique effects that will impress your visitors. Now more than ever, parallax scrolling generates a superb user experience and gives your website a sleek and dazzling design.

If you love how the current parallax feature looks on your Wix site, wait until you see these stunning new effects in action. If you’re new to site building, be sure to check out our new releases. We guarantee that they will help you to create a website that is more beautiful, more memorable and more compelling.

What Makes Parallax Scrolling So Great

First of all, let’s clarify what this term means. Parallax scrolling is an effect used in web design that has become highly popular in the past couple of years and continues to be very influential. In technical terms, parallax scrolling treats the site background and the frontal content of the site separately. When you scroll down, the background and foreground move at two different speeds, creating a sense of depth, dimensionality and motion. What’s even more fun, the speed and direction your user is scrolling is what causes this exciting effect to happen!

Why is this effect so trendy in web design right now? Several reasons:

  • It immerses site visitors in a more engaging and vibrant user experience.
  • By making the scrolling much more interesting and pleasing, parallax scrolling promotes longer visit times. The longer the visit, the stronger the relationship with the site visitor becomes.
  • It fits perfectly with another web design trend that is currently very prominent – long pages that encourage scrolling rather than clicking.
  • The revealing effect of parallax scrolling makes room for creative content strategy that generates a “wow” reaction.
  • Parallax scrolling makes the whole site come to life on the computer screen. It’s truly very beautiful.

In short, parallax scrolling gives your website a more stunning look and a more powerful performance. With the new parallax effects now available in the Wix Editor, that boost has become even more visible.

The New Scrolling Effects – Here to Make Dream Sites Come True

We are thrilled to introduce the new parallax scrolling effects. Each single effect can be used in so many ways. You can play with photos, strips and patterns and combine each with your own unique text and shapes to add depth and dimension. Get creative and explore their potential to discover all the fun and beautiful designs you can make.

Reveal Scroll

This effect works like a good movie. It tells a story with suspense, raises the viewers’ curiosity and then, at just the right moment, reveals what everyone wanted to know. It’s a mesmerizing effect that draws site visitors in, creating a more interactive and dynamic user experience.

Reveal Scroll

Zoom In Scroll

Use the zoom in effect to focus your site visitors’ attention to a specific item, or to show them multiple perspectives to your page layout. Zoom In puts your site into motion, but the effect is so subtle and sleek that it maintains elegance.

zoom in

Fade In Scroll

Generate a fresh vibe with the fade in effect, which makes your images or stripes appear more vivacious and accentuates the colors. This effect plays out gradually, adding a rhythm to the scrolling action.

Fade In Scroll

Classic Parallax Scroll

Now with the new effects available, you can integrate them with the classic parallax effect, which applies different motion speeds to the background and foreground of the site. When applied to the background, this creates a mesmerizing 3D look that captivates visitors. Now you can add the new scrolling effects to your site strips on top of the background parallax scroll.

Classic Parallax Scroll

Ready to Enhance Your Scrolling Experience?

To add one of these exciting scrolling effects to your site, follow these steps, or visit this page for the full instructions.

On Strips: 

  • In the editor, click Add on the left menu and choose Strip.
  • Click Change Strip Background if you want to upload a different image or video.
  • In the strip pop-up box, click Settings, and choose the desired effect.
  • Save and check it out in Preview mode!

On Backgrounds: 

  • Currently only the classic parallax effect is available on full website backgrounds.
  • In the editor, click Background on the left menu.
  • In the background pop-up box, click Settings, and choose the desired effect.
  • Save and check it out on in Preview mode!

Ready to start stunning online? Create a beautiful website with Wix!

The Wix Team
By The Wix Team

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