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Web Design \ JUL 14th 2015

10 Free Creative Website Templates With Killer Design

Looking to build your own stunning website? Set your eyes on these 10 beautiful and highly effective templates that are completely FREE. Packed with valuable features, breathtaking images and advanced media functionalities, these templates will give you the perfect starting point for your business. And the best part? Every single element of these website templates can be easily changed to fit your specific goals and needs.

Ready to make your way to the big league? Check out the newest additions to our stunning Wix Templates Collection.

10 Free Creative Website Templates With Killer Design

Home Decor Website >>

The home decor template extends a warm and welcoming invitation to step inside. With clean design and a product gallery taking center stage, your visitors will start browsing your products the minute they land on your page. Customers can easily zoom in on your product and get additional images and product information when clicking on an item.

The template features a fixed header that helps anchor the site and allows visitors to jump around comfortably. Sit back, relax and enjoy as your clients get cozy and click around.

Home decor website

Gourmet Food Shop >>

Get mouths watering right away with full-screen images of your food: on this landing page, product is king.

Gourmet Food Shop

Fashion Photo Studio >>

Have a big personality to go with your photography talent? This template encourages visitors get to know the artist behind the lens. For the visitors who want to learn more about you, your blog is built right in! There you can show your inspiration, creative process, and professionalism, all while building SEO and expanding your reach by offering shareable content.

Fashion Photography Studio

Modern Hotel Website >>

Running a hospitality-based website comes with highly unique needs. Because we want every small business owner to get the best results, we designed a system specifically for hotel, B&B and vacation rentals owners.  This template – like all of our hospitality templates – supports WixHotels: the easiest online-booking system in the world.

Your booking option is front and center, allowing you to take reservations 24/7. On the back-end you’ll be able to easily manage the reservations all from one location – your website. As if that wasn’t enough, with the WixHotel booking system you’ll be able to collect payments online with 0% commission. Yup, you heard that right.


Modern Hotel Website

Graphic Design Portfolio >>

This collage of clickable images grabs visitors’ attention right away. Each image links to its own separate page, allowing you to give an in-depth account of your various projects without cluttering your site. You can even include additional expandable images and text.

This simple and effective layout will showcase your large body of work without overwhelming your visitors. Lastly, the seamless integration of a blog into this template is yet another way to stand-apart from other artists and help future clients to get to know you.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Jewelry Designer Website >>

Creating a website that feels like a store-front is always a win. This sleek template instantly shows off your merchandise with a moving image header, clear menu and a call-to-action. The gallery is located above the fold and sets the perfect mood for a shopping experience as soon as visitors land on your website.

10 outstanding templates 6

School Supplies Website >>

For many small businesses, work is seasonal. Take a school supply shop for example. While you may be open all year round, back to school time is your bread and butter. Don’t limit yourself to flyering the neighborhood or simply posting the sale on your all-year-round site. Customize a free website specifically designed for your peak season.

This template includes the option to sell your products online, expanding your reach 10-fold. You’ll also kick up your SEO by using local and targeted wording specific to that season, i.e: “back to school” will likely be getting more hits in late August than “office supplies”.  All you need is the basics: who you are, your contact information, and good looking images of your products.

School Supplies Website

Luxury Hair Extensions >>

When it comes to hair extensions, image is everything – and this website really has everything a hair extension biz needs. Starting with a beautiful testimonials page (a must have in the beauty biz), a gallery to share your entire product line and a spot ready for visitors to sign up for your newsletter (retention retention retention). The real kicker is the Help page. Here you can demonstrate that you don’t only sell great products but can also serve as a consultant for those who use (or may begin to use) your products.

As an extra perk, this template has adorable animation that inspires visitors to explore your site further.

10 outstanding templates 8

Web Design Portfolio >>

Create something simple that looks complicated. After all, you’re a web designer so your site needs to be a step above the rest. This template offers a beautiful layout with an easy to use and modern interface. The long scrolling homepage has everything you need and is great for viewing on mobile or tablets by minimizing loading times.

Each image on this template has an anchor link to bring the more curious viewers into the depths of your projects, without feeling overwhelmed by pages on your header. The style is cutting edge and the flow is crystal clear. We’d mark this one as a definite win.

Web Design Portfolio

Woman’s Fashion Website >>

High fashion deserves a high impact website. This template says “Shop!” by putting a big header image and strong call to action right at the top of the homepage. Not only that, scroll a little further and you’ll see the “Must Have Items| section. This is a bonus for returning visitors to constantly view new offers when entering your site. What’s more, by having a specified SALE page you are likely to gain initial purchases with fewer clicks. Every way you turn, from homepage to stocklist, the CTAs are strong and you can maximize your selling power.

Women's Fashion Website

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