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Web Design \ JUN 17th 2015

9 Great Web Design Lessons We Learned from Wix Sites

When embarking on the challenge of creating your own website, the urge to make something that is original and unique is totally understandable. But if you want a word of advice – there is great value in learning from the success (or misfortunes) of other people who were there before you.

When we review websites created by Wix users we’re always thrilled to discover new ideas and creative approaches to the Wix platform and to web design in general. Wix websites are a never-ending pool of inspiration, ideas and solutions. There’s so much to learn!

We previously shared some of the great treasures we find in our quest for design awesomeness. Now we continue to exhibit some of the most innovative concepts we discover on Wix sites. Get ready for your daily learning drill!


Personalization Matters! Monica Martinez >>

This lovely website displays the online CV of Monica Martinez. As a personal website, it’s doing a great job at highlighting the original thought and innovative visual approach that she wants viewers to enjoy. When Monica applies for a job as a digital creative professional, her online CV already acts as proof of her skills.

Monica Martinez

Creative Navigation by Ma Torre >>

The navigation menu is one of the most important elements on your site and as a rule of thumb it should always be clear, intuitive and simple to use. Yet if in addition to a traditional menu you want to add a more original alternative, Ma Torre’s use of images on the homepage for the site navigation is one awesome idea.

Ma Torre

A Header to Remember by Pinsky On The Go >>

The first thing you notice on this cute personal blog is the striking header – it’s an immediate winner. The illustration of the deer horns is powerful and coupled with the simple straightforward text, “this is my blog”, creates quite a magical contrast that makes viewers want to see more. The pop-like icons also do a great job at encouraging further browsing.

Pinsky on the Go

Videos Say It All with SketchSHE >>

Who doesn’t love the all-female comedy trio SketchSHE and their far-out viral videos? In addition to their many talents, the group is also mega creative Wix users with a superb website. When you browse through their site you see right away the power of videos as a web media.

Stylish Press Page by Nick Fulton >>

We rarely encounter a Press or News page that really captures our attention, so Nick Fulton’s Press section certainly caught our eye. The screen shots of the articles both act as links to the full text and add a fresh visual touch, assembling together in a tiled layout to a wonderful design.

Nick Fulton

The Power of Silly: Hugo & Celine Ice Cream for Dogs >>

Why so serious? Certain business ideas and brands rely more on light humor than on a heavy business tone. If you have an ice cream brand for dogs, for instance, why not add “dog reviews” to your product? That’s what Hugo and Celine did and it’s absolutely adorable.

Hugo and Celine

Genius Product Display on Hoponit >>

Straight away on the homepage, Hoponit are putting their products on display as they would appear in reality. What a great way to highlight the beauty and the usability of your products! This design allows the viewers to visualize the products in their own daily lives.


Match Your Design with Your Service, like Hairaid Shelter >>

There is more than one way to explain your product or business to your clients. One effective method is to use a web design that reinforces your branding. Look at Hairaid Shelter, for example. This hairstyling service uses vintage style on their website because their service is inspired by vintage aesthetics.

Hairaid Shelter

Striking Minimalism on Sarya Nadina Fark Photography >>

Sarya is an amazing photographer. She could have designed a flashy website, filled with exciting features, but she chose to let her photos speak for themselves instead. The undeniable focus of her online portfolio is her photography works, and the result is immaculate.

Sarya Nadina Fark

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