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Get the flexibility you need to scale your business and achieve marketing success with advanced SEO tools from Wix.

Advanced SEO Tools from Wix

Customize Meta Tags

Optimize meta tags for search engines and how they appear to visitors in the SERP so crawlers process your site pages the way you want.

Add 301 Redirects

Ensure visitors land on the right page and maintain link equity when you need to permanently redirect one URL to another.

Set Canonical URLs

Define canonical tags to tell search engines which URLs are the master versions of your site pages and avoid issues with duplicate content.

Appear as a Rich Result

Add structured data so Google can read and display your business info as a rich snippet.

Create SEO Patterns

Quickly build SEO-friendly tags and URLs with advanced patterns. Edit a page type once and your custom pattern instantly updates across your site pages.


Edit Page Info for Social

Personalize text and images you want displayed when site pages are shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

Business and Marketing Tools

Boost your site’s SEO and strengthen your online marketing efforts.

Wix Marketing Tools

Use built-in marketing integrations, like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Facebook Pixel and Ascend by Wix, to run A/B tests and drive more conversions.

Custom Events

Send tracking events to external analytic tools, like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, using Corvid’s trackEvent API.

Third-Party Apps

Connect to industry-leading marketing tools and integrations, like Hotjar,  Crazy Egg, Privy, Hello Bar, CallRail, MailChimp and more, to monitor visitor behaviors and gain actionable insights.


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