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Wix Studio’s AI capabilities will change the way you work. Here’s how.

“AI completely disrupts the way creators work, not just in terms of efficiency but in terms of helping them shine."

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Artificial intelligence might be the most buzzed about topic of the moment, but Wix and AI have had a long-term relationship.

We launched our first AI website generator, Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), back in 2016. It was a game-changer for building basic websites, but it was never intended to replace web designers and agencies. We know the sites you create are bespoke, but there’s a good chance you want to create those bespoke and tailored sites faster and more efficiently.

That’s where Wix Studio’s AI tools come in. (You can read about our other features in this guide to Wix Studio.)

“AI completely disrupts the way creators work, not just in terms of efficiency but in terms of helping them shine and do a better job creating websites,” says Naama Ben-Oliel Ronen, the product team lead who spearheaded Wix Studio’s Responsive AI. “At Wix Studio, we’re giving you the AI tools to scale up your work so you create both better and faster.” (By the way, we also spoke to Ogilvy Paris’ David Raichman and Mathieu Plassard about leading an agency in the age of AI.)

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The Wix Studio AI tools changing the game

Responsive AI

Let’s start with Responsive AI, a feature that’s totally unique to Wix Studio. Wix Studio’s Responsive AI applies optimized layout tools and responsive behaviors to either one site section at a time, affecting all screen widths, or to the mobile breakpoint while maintaining the desktop design.

To build it, we labeled thousands of Wix sites to teach the tool how to detect related groups of elements in a site section. From there, the AI optimizes the section based on the hierarchy of those elements and responsive design best practices. “We have an advantage at Wix since we have so many different sites we can analyze,” she says. “This feature is truly a game-changer. A single click does so much behind the scenes and disrupts the web creation process.”

AI Code Assistant

Developers will also want to try the AI Code Assistant. It offers code suggestions in real time, helping you build more complex and custom sites faster. It also explains its suggestions along the way so you know what’s up.

“The AI was trained on Velo examples, documentation and best practices to create idiomatic Javascript code for the Wix platform,” says Yoav Abrahami, Head of Wix Code Products. It’s built right into the Wix IDE and you can click the Wix AI Assistant icon in the sidebar to access it. (Read more from the Studio team: exactly how the Wix Partners product & UX teams designed the new workspace)

More AI capabilities you should know

Wix has rolled out tons of AI tools to help site builders and business owners use AI in their web designs at all experience levels and disciplines. You can read more about our CEO’s commitment to AI, but here’s a quick look at some additional features:

  • AI Meta Tag Creator: Wix’s first AI-powered SEO tool generates title tags and meta-descriptions tailored to every page. From there, you’ll be able to choose from several suggestions, then refine with prompts and tailor the tone of voice to suit your needs.

  • AI Image Creator: Describe the image you’d like to feature—a woman doing yoga, a restaurant full of happy customers—and the tool will generate a photo you can instantly add to the site.

  • AI Text Creator: Just provide the topic, plus anything that’s important to mention about it, and the AI will write your copy for you.

  • AI eCommerce Descriptions: Explain the business type and quickly describe the item to generate as much product copy as you need.

  • AI CMS Assistant: With just a few details, generate a new collection for your CMS, including suggested fields and sample content.

If you’re as committed to AI as we are, you’ll be happy to know that this is just the beginning. We’re rolling out more AI tools all year long, so check out the product roadmap if you don’t see your dream feature yet.

It’ll be worth the wait. “AI already enhances efficiency, and as it improves, it will also serve as a catalyst for inspiration through generative AI and other technologies,” Ben-Oliel Ronen says, “like a collaborative assistant that frees you up to focus on the creative and strategic work that scales your business. Going forward, AI will evolve to be proactive and suggest actions rather than reacting to requests.”

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