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Become a leader 

Our leaders are the driving force of the community. They lead by example, bring people together and create an environment where you’re seen, heard and able to thrive. 

Robert Hamilton

Web designer & developer 
Ayr, Scotland

Robert dedicates his time to building custom solutions and apps for his worldwide client base. His passion is his clients’ success.

Kate Bradshaw

Owner of WebToday
Sydney, Australia

Kate combines her background in psychology with her web ‌design expertise to empower others to enhance their websites and online presence.

Harrison Reilly

Owner of Wolf Web Designs
Perth, Australia

With his innovative designs and passion for his craft, Harrison is redefining the field of web design and leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

Birit Trematore

Owner of Birit Designs 
Virginia Beach, USA

Ever since she built a website in 2015, Birit has ‌been delivering beautiful creations for hundreds of clients spanning various industries.

Marianne Borozny

Web designer & art photographer
Whidbey Island, USA

Marianne specializes in transforming client ideas into easy-to-manage websites. She designed her first website in 2015 and never looked back.

Dena Testa Bray

Owner of Web Design by Dena Testa Bray
New Hampshire, USA