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Become a Studio community leader

Build a community you’re proud to be a part of—empower your fellow creators to do brilliant things together and make a real impact. 

Let’s get started. Pick a leadership role that interests you:


What does it mean to be a Wix Studio community leader?

Our Studio community leaders are passionate facilitators who bring people together to create a thriving community. Whether you choose to organize in-person get-togethers and fun local events, or lead online communities and engage in online discussions, you'll inspire collaboration, belonging and impact meaningful change.

How do I apply to become a leader?

The application process is pretty straightforward and designed to ensure the best selection for either events or online leadership roles. The first step is to complete the application form. Afterward, we will review it, and finally, successful applicants will be invited to a meeting with the Community Manager, who will assign the leadership role depending on your plans, suitability and strengths.

Am I eligible to become a community leader?

If you're using Wix Studio, are over the age of 18, invested in and have a passion for the Studio community, then you’re eligible to apply. Read the terms and conditions to learn more.

What are the benefits of becoming a Wix Studio community leader?

You will enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Early access to new features, priority support, and exclusive product roundtables with Wix Studio

  • Exposure through our blogs, YouTube channel, and Showcase page

  • A badge certifying you as a Studio community leader for use across your digital footprint

  • Insider swag, event tickets, subsidized subscription plans and more

Can I make money as a community leader?

While it is possible to monetize your activities in your own time, participation is voluntary so there are no official opportunities to be compensated as a Studio community leader.

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