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Pure web design, max productivity

Use smart tools that take the grind out of web creation so you can build exceptional, responsive sites. 

An intuitive grid experience

Work with the grid directly on the canvas to add emphasis and style where you want it. Split, resize and swap cells to create unique layouts.

Code-free animations for every breakpoint

Spark delight with no-code interactions and animations—with extra options from Lottie—to add movement, draw attention, experiment with scrollytelling and more. 

Responsive design, no math needed

Edit in pixels and let the platform optimize for every screen. Choose from out-of-the-box behaviors for elements or use responsive AI on complex designs, then refine as needed.

An image of functionality in Wix Studio that lets users design responsively. The following options: ‘Scale Proportionally’, ‘Wrap’, ‘Fixed’ and ‘Hug’ are shown.

Customize the CSS for total creative control

An example CSS code in Wix Studio that can be customized to enable text masking.