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Fast. Resilient.
Infinitely scalable.

Build every client site on a robust foundation—with multi-cloud hosting, global CDN coverage and multiple layers of DDoS protection—minus the hassle of maintenance. 

Give clients the
go-ahead to go big

Multi-cloud hosting

Wix Studio sites are hosted using the best-in-class technologies from AWS, Google Cloud, Fastly and our own geographically distributed data centers. So even if one provider goes down, your clients' sites stay up.

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Limitless scalability

Our infrastructure processes more than 4.5 billion requests daily and is engineered to process much more. The platform anticipates your clients’ 
success—if traffic or transactions spike, it automatically scales out to handle the increased load.

Automatic disaster recovery

Our automated systems and on-call engineers monitor for unusual activity and proactively reroute site traffic to a stable location to avoid potential downtime. With an industry-leading 99.98% uptime, your team and clients can go about their business, uninterrupted.

Built for peak performance.
Optimized for Core Web Vitals.

Global CDN

Our globally distributed data centers and 
200+ CDN nodes enhance site performance and deliver content with max efficiency for the best user experience—in any location, on any device.

media delivery

Our media delivery process is designed for fast load speeds—from automatically resizing and converting images to WebP for the highest possible quality, to using fetch priority to prioritize media downloads for optimal LCP.

Platform optimization

We continuously optimize our platform by using dynamic imports, code splitting and breaking up long tasks to ensure smooth responsiveness. Plus, we utilize features such as Early Hints and Brotli compression for efficient file delivery.

Improve user experience with real-time data

Monitor your clients’ site performance with live status reports in the Site Speed Dashboard. Analyze the effect of any site or design update and follow best practices to optimize as you build.

Hands-off after

Move away from backend maintenance—knowing there's a team of expert engineers supporting your client sites 24/7.

Automated, always on

Our infrastructure is monitored and fully-managed 24/7.

Zero maintenance windows

We take care of all backend maintenance with zero impact on your business or clients.

Reinforced security

We provide multiple layers of DDoS protection against potential vulnerabilities.

Automatic backups

Each site is saved and stored at regular intervals to ensure continuity in case of emergencies.

Ready for anything—
so you are, too.

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