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Wix Studio

Investing in community success

Apply to Kickstart to get grants, partnership and support worth over $1M for initiatives that benefit the Studio community.

Got an idea?
Let's make it happen

Lead community events

From meet-ups to workshops to hackathons, we want to support events hosted by you for other agencies, freelancers and enterprise teams.

Create educational materials & tutorials

We’re on the lookout for resources, courses and social media content that will educate and inspire the industry.

Collaborate and partner up

Link up with our team to reach even more Studio enthusiasts with your social channels, podcasts and more.

Speak at live events

Get hands-on support for your next presentation at a conference or event.

We offer 3 kinds of support for your initiatives.


You’ll receive a grant to boost the initiative you’ve got planned.


You’ll work directly with the Studio team for guidance.


You’ll get the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of Studio users.


What’s the selection process?

We consider different criteria for each initiative and cannot guarantee the selection of, or assistance for, each initiative. For example, we examine podcasts and hackathons differently since each has different goals. However, they should all have the biggest positive impact on the community as possible. We welcome all Wix Studio users to apply, as long as you have the drive to deliver the initiative and shape the web creation industry.

Can I submit more than one initiative?

Yes, but we try to offer equal opportunities to as many participants as possible. So, if you already submitted, we may give priority to someone who has only made one submission.

How much funding can I receive?

It depends on the type of project. For example, a hackathon production requires more resources than setting up an online course, and organizing a conference is different from a podcast. Fill out the form, tell us about your project, its needs and we’ll go from there.

When should I submit?

When you have a solid idea, goals, clear KPIs and a robust implementation strategy.

The initiative I have in mind doesn't fit into one of the categories. Can I still apply?

Absolutely. You can fill in the application form and pick "other" in the category dropdown. Keep in mind, we're prioritizing the initiatives we've outlined at this time.

Let's kick things off.

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