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Introducing Wix Studio: the premium platform for digital agencies

Here’s an at-a-glance, all-in-one-place breakdown of what’s new and notable with Wix Studio.

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Wix Studio is the new web creation platform built for agencies and freelancers, and it’s here to help you work better and faster.

Studio combines out-of-the-box business solutions, like eCommerce and Bookings, with advanced capabilities, like custom CSS and built-in responsiveness, so you can create sites that meet every client’s exact needs at a scale like never before. Better still, the new workspace makes your workflow and client handoff more seamless than ever.

Intrigued? Good. Here’s an at-a-glance, all-in-one-place breakdown of what’s new and notable with Wix Studio.

Wix Studio banner that says "The web creation platform built for agencies. Get started."

Advanced design capabilities

  • Proportional scale: Have your final design in place? Time to exhale. With Studio, elements scale by default. You’ll still need to adjust your design a bit per breakpoint (especially on mobile where elements get too small), but the design won’t break.

  • Intuitive responsiveness: Built-in responsive behaviors (scale proportionally, hug, fix or fit) allow you to focus on the work, not the weeds. Build your design and choose how you want each component to behave without needing to calculate the units themselves: component sizes can be displayed in “pixels on canvas” (equivalent to their proportional size at that screen width).

  • Responsive AI: Save time and make any page or section responsive with the click of a button. Studio’s AI helper will adapt your designs for any device in an instant. Choose to continue with the suggested layout, or discard changes to go back to the original design. Read more about Wix Studio's AI capabilities.

  • No-code interactions and animations: Level up your designs in an instant with a veritable buffet of no-code interactions, and a super intuitive way to set them up. Hover, click, scroll, loop, entrance and background scroll are all at your fingertips—plus, you can choose and customize a preset interaction or create your own with a variety of triggers.

  • Custom CSS: No training wheels here (if you don’t want them). Now, you can deep dive into your creations, tweak features and build signature experiences with custom CSS. Want a style or animation that’s not yet available in the editor? Create your own animations and even apply multiple animations to an element. All in all, adding CSS gives you added control over your designs. Here's more on how to use our custom CSS to take your clients' sites from good to great.

  • Section grid: Also known as a bento grid, this is a whole new experience for creating a layout using a grid. It’s discoverable, intuitive to use and easy to set up sections. Choose from preset section layouts and split and swap cells, show & hide them, adjust rows and columns, collage, add background images, align content in cell, and resize grids.

Business solutions for any industry

Native business solutions: Professional solutions help you deliver projects for clients with a variety of needs—like setting up an eCommerce shop, booking classes and appointments, event registration and placing restaurant orders—all built and supported by Wix.

With Wix Studio, all the business functionality clients need is ready to go out-of-the-box and in one place, with no need for plugins, code or 3rd party applications, so you can keep the business ops side of your client site simple and streamlined.

No need to spend time on updates and maintenance, these solutions are always reliable and secure. Want to customize the functionality a bit? Now, you can say yes to any project by extending these native business solutions with hundreds of APIs for any client need.

Business solutions listed as buttons. They say "eCommerce, Bookings, Events, Multilingual, Blog, Pricing Plans..."

Professional developer tools

  • Build on an open platform: You can customize, extend and replace native Wix business logic, features or flows. That means more innovation and collaboration, expanded functionality, and accelerated development. This approach also allows users to consume Wix features outside of our ecosystem and monetize features using the Wix App Market. Here are a couple ways how:

APIs: Interact with any entity in the Wix Studio ecosystem. Connect to native or third party APIs and customize how they work for you.

SPIs (Service plugins): Extend, customize and replace Wix functionality by letting sites and apps interact with external services.

  • Develop and sell applications: With Wix Blocks, you can develop bespoke widgets that you can deploy across multiple sites, then sell them as apps on the Wix App Market to unlock new revenue streams. Save time *and* make money.

  • Code on your terms: Build on your preferred IDE, online in the Wix IDE or locally through the GitHub integration, to create anything your clients need from custom functionalities to full-stack solutions.

  • Work at warp speed with the AI code assistant: Ship even faster with our custom AI assistant, built directly within our VS Code-based environment. Generate tailored code snippets, troubleshoot bugs and get product answers in a snap.

Code on black. "Generate code to allow filtering of store products by name and price."

Seamless collaboration with your team

Workspace: Formerly called the “dashboard,” your workspace keeps everything you need from design to delivery in one end-to-end creation platform.

The new Wix Studio workspace is built specifically to meet the needs of agencies and freelancers. Manage your client’s site more efficiently than ever with easy access to all your websites, reusable templates and widgets located in the left-hand menu of your workspace. Now, you can manage all your sites at the account-level in one central hub, including all your client subscriptions and domains, customer portal and even a support history log. (Read more about how to work efficiently with Wix Studio.)

Consider your workplace your control center—it’s built for multitasking. No need to log in with different emails to be part of multiple teams (looking at you, freelancers working with multiple agencies). With Studio, you can toggle between multiple workspaces without losing a beat.

Collaboration tools: Work together more efficiently with a unified workspace.

  • Concurrent editing: This new capability allows for a real mind-meld. With Studio, users can create together, leave live comments, tag others and attach comments to specific elements on the canvas for context, all in real-time. (Like Google Docs but web designers.)

  • Custom roles and permissions: Your designs aren’t one size fits all, and neither is your team’s skillset. Site owners can customize roles and control detailed permissions for their team and site collaborators, so team members and clients have access to everything they need—but not more than that—so your designs stay just how you left them.

  • Design libraries: Share and reuse your collection of typography themes, color palettes and design assets on any site in the same account.

Team collaborating on Wix Studio

Marketing solutions

Set your clients up for growth with cutting edge SEO and marketing tools, such as:

  • Automatic SEO updates: Every Wix Studio feature update and release is built with SEO in mind, so you have the infrastructure you need to set your clients up for SERP success.

  • Bulk actions: Implement your SEO tasks at scale and save time with world class tech SEO defaults and automations, like automated 301 redirects for product and static pages, plus automated structured data markup for multiple page types, which gives your SEO specialist more time to focus on other organic growth areas, and protects users from making mistakes.

  • Deep, native integrations: Integrations with platforms like Google, Bing, Amazon and Etsy are built, maintained, and updated in direct partnership with the market leading tech. That means we’re creating integrations with the actual source themselves rather than using third-party plug-ins, so your apps work as smoothly as possible.

  • Your own marketing tool kit: Connect to your preferred apps, like Klaviyo, OpenAI, Google Merchant, Semrush, and SERanking, using Wix’s extensive app market, or build and embed apps and integrations with custom-code.

Graph showing total SEO performance over time

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