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7 ways Wix Studio empowers agencies to work efficiently at scale

Don’t let growth create bottlenecks for your team. These Wix Studio tools will help you stay efficient and successful as you expand.

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You expect obstacles when you’re trying to get your agency off the ground, but the challenges of running an agency don’t disappear once you’re well established; they just change. You need to deliver high-quality work at high-frequency intervals. You have more clients, a bigger team and a wider set of strategic and tactical considerations.

It’s a lot to manage. And all of these demands can lead to inefficiencies in your agency, presenting even more challenges as you continue to grow. That’s why we built Wix Studio: to help you take on bigger clients and deliver stellar work with tools that help you do your job better and faster, starting with the ones below. Use them to take your ops to the next level.

01. A workspace that’s set up for scale

Wix Studio’s workspace is packed with features that help agencies and freelancers manage their projects and teams seamlessly. As your agency grows, you’ll especially appreciate the ability to house all of your client websites within a singular dashboard. The workspace empowers agencies to:

  • seamlessly switch between multiple projects

  • provide a client kit complete with website logins, tutorial videos, FAQs (no need to email back and forth) and relevant attachments.

  • generate automated reports for clients

  • manage sites, client subscriptions, invoices, reusable assets and support tickets 

02. A modular design system 

Build design systems that are easily replicated but afford space to make each design its own. With Wix Studio’s templates, you’ll have the structural components of your next clients’ website taken care of before they even sign their contract. 

Select from different options based on your clients’ industry and unique business needs (or start with a wireframe if you’ve got more customizing to do). From there, you can populate the site with design elements instead of adjusting the layout, information architecture and larger UX strategy all day.

Even more exciting for agencies increasing their creative output, you can create your own custom templates suited for each business you work with to save time as requests start piling on from clients in similar industries. Read more about creating and using custom templates here.

03. Advanced AI capabilities

Artificial intelligence is much more than a buzzword. AI is a coworker that augments your capabilities, and agencies who embrace it will enjoy more clients without sacrificing quality by catering to them all. You can use AI to design creative, strengthen copy and reach new prospects.

Exhibit A: Wix Studio’s AI tools can help you produce faster work at a higher quality. Responsive AI adjusts sections to fit all screen sizes with the click of a button, the AI Meta Tag Creator generates title tags and meta descriptions tailored to every page, and the Wix AI Assistant helps write (and fix) your code. Combined, these tools can save you hours of work, leaving time for innovation and expansion. 

An AI strategy is no longer optional; it’s necessary for agencies who want to stay competitive in a demanding market. (Read more: Generative AI is taking over work processes. Where does that leave humans?)

04. Time-saving automations

An understated part of scaling an agency is prioritizing the areas that need extra attention and delegating the more straightforward tasks. This often means leadership grows increasingly strategic as the rest of the workforce handles the tactical efforts.

That’s where automation comes in. Some automations that you can use with Wix Studio: 

  • email your customers after they’ve made a purchase with a receipt and a thank you note

  • send data to a Google Sheets such as form submissions or invoices

  • check on clients who haven’t attended live-stream sessions

  • use Wix’s free invoice generator to send requests for payment

  • send shoppers email and SMS reminders using Klaviyo

05. Wix Blocks and apps

Wix Blocks allows you to build widgets that you can integrate—and customize—across multiple websites, instead of starting from scratch every single time. Once you’ve created your app, you can save it and use it on future client projects, or even publish it for others to purchase on the App Market. Isn’t passive income the ultimate in efficiency?

06. Smart business solutions

Wix Studio has native business solutions—like eCommerce, bookings, events and blog software—that can meet any client’s complex and evolving business needs, whether the business is a hotel, online store, restaurant or gym. You can also combine these solutions for a unique on-site experience for your clients. Think: gym clients going beyond class bookings with an eCommerce section for fitness gear. Or, perhaps your client already sells products, and wants to gain additional visibility by starting a blog. Whatever the case, Wix Studio’s business solutions will save you time and energy because you won’t need to start from scratch to suit every single business need.

07. Awesome collaboration opportunities

With Wix Studio, you can set the roles and permissions of each and every client and employee (as well as contractors should your agency work with any external service providers). Save time on client back-and-forth by determining exactly what they can control on their own, so they can make appropriate changes as they see fit (without crashing the site in the process).

You can even work on the same projects at the same time as your colleagues, leaving on-page comments that transform asynchronous collaboration to seamless real-time editing. With Wix Studio, the work is centralized, unified and easy to manage. 

Of course, each agency will have different styles for working and handing over the keys to a client’s shiny new website, so define that process ahead of time and stick to it as you scale. Since no two agencies will have the same processes, it’s important to define for yourself what smart work looks like as your brand and team grow together.

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