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Instagram post with a cocktail, promotional caption and hashtags. Overlaid on plated seafood and a menu.

Social Media Marketing:
Tips & How To’s

Get Started

Get started

Set yourself up for success by making sure your social profiles tick all the boxes.

Choose a name

Use your restaurant name and make sure it’s the same across all your channels.

Pick a handle

If your restaurant name is already taken, try adding an underscore.

Add a profile picture

Use your logo to ensure your restaurant is easily recognized.

Write a bio

Add a brief description of your restaurant to and link it to your website.

Set a location

Let customers know where to find your restaurant.

Restaurant social account with description and a link to order online, overlaid on salad with ‘like’ sticker and reviews tab.
What to Post

What to post

Check out these top content suggestions for the best results on any channel.

Showcase your restaurant brand

Feature your food, theme and interior so customers know what to expect when they visit.

Assorted promotional instagram posts, caption ‘Have you tried our best-selling sushi platter’ and related hashtags.

Offer special discounts

Encourage orders with promotional posts for happy hours, seasonal deals, new dishes and events.

Promotional post with sushi and text ‘10% off online orders’. Bottom right: sticker with restaurant logo and address.

Share creative video

Gain up to 48% more views with video by posting behind the scenes footage, culinary tips, and livestreams.

Video post of a chef making wontons, overlaid on a colorful blue background with an orange circle.

Use customer generated content

Promote your business and build community by responding to comments and resharing customer content.

Social post with text ‘treat yourself’ overlaid on shitake broth with restaurant tag. Top: social profile.
"I post pictures, reviews and videos of customers unboxing their orders on our Stories."

Eugenia Enamorado,

Wix Restaurants user

Expand your reach

Share your content with the right audience to maximize engagement.

Instagram post with pancakes, hashtags and a promotional caption, overlaid on a yellow tile. Left: stickers with hashtags.

Use hashtags

Add hashtags to all your posts and use keywords that resonate with different groups for better visibility.

Work with influencers

Reach out to food critics, bloggers or local chefs to spread the word about your restaurant.

Advertise on social

Create a campaign that targets the people in your area most likely to become customers with Facebook Ads by Wix.

Expand Your Reach

Templates to get you trending

Wix Restaurants offers customizable social media templates for any event, occasion, or season—with new ones being added all the time.

Assorted social media templates, promoting sales, online ordering etc.

We’re here to help you grow

Explore marketing tools

Our built-in marketing suite includes social media templates, a video maker, and more.

Ask an account manager

Schedule a free 30 minute call and get personalized answers to your platform questions.

Hire a professional

Get matched with a certified Wix Partner to help you build any aspect of your site or marketing strategy.

Wix Restaurants.
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