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Restaurant menu design tips - online ordering menu

Restaurant menu design tips

Drive orders with an online menu your customers can’t resist.

75% of customers view the menu before trying a restaurant. Make yours stand out. 

Menu design layouts  - images, sections, labels, categories.
Restaurant menu design - mobile optimized - responsive.
Online menu design - add detailed dish descriptions
Menu design tips - dish images - powerful visuals - color.

Structure your menu

Design an easy-to-navigate online menu with sections and dietary labels so customers can find their new favorite dish.

Optimize for mobile

66% of Wix Restaurants orders are made on mobile. Meet customers where they are with a menu that looks good on any device.

Write powerful descriptions

Customers want the story of your food—so tell it. Bring your dishes to life with descriptive words like fresh, local and seasonal.

Feature eye-catching images

Boost your sales by up to 30% with high-quality images. You know that dish looks good.

Structure your menu
Optimize for mobile
Write powerful descriptions
Feature eye-catching images

Print your menu

Make sure your menu design looks just as good in-house as it does online. Customize a printable menu template to match your restaurant’s look and feel.

Print your menu

Generate more orders

You’ve worked up your customers’ appetites—
now optimize your restaurant menu for online ordering.

Curate your menu

Simplify decision-making with a concise menu. Experts suggest seven dishes per section.

Make it delivery-friendly

Skip the soggy fries. Fill your delivery menu with dishes that are built to travel.

Add your specials

Customers want to know what's new. Keep your food menu updated with seasonal specials.

Upsell with add-ons

Recommend popular pairings and add-ons your customers will love. It’s a win-win.

Online ordering menu tips - curate your dishes
Online ordering menu tips - delivery friendly dishes.
Online ordering menu - update your menu with seasonal specials
Online ordering menu - upsell with extra’s, toppings and add-ons.
Curate your menu
Make it delivery-friendly
Add your specials
Upsell with add-ons

Get started with a professionally designed menu template



How do you lay out a menu?

  • Choose one of our menu design templates.

  • Customize it to match your restaurant’s branding.

  • Arrange your dishes sequentially, starting with appetizers.

  • Make your menu easy-to-navigate with sections, labels and categories.

  • Use our menu design tips to drive online orders.

What are the principles of menu design?

  • Branding. Make sure your menu design matches the look and feel of your restaurant. Include your logo and branding for a cohesive restaurant experience.

  • Visuals. Showcase your dishes with high quality images. Use eye-catching colors and visual elements to highlight your best-sellers.

  • Descriptions. Communicate the story of your food with enticing headers and clear descriptions, so customers know exactly what to look forward to.

What makes a good menu design?

Effective menus are easy-to-navigate. Guide your customers with sections, categories and labels. Your menu design should match the look and feel of your restaurant, so be sure to use your logo and colors.

What are the 5 types of menus?

Menus usually fit into five different categories based on their layout and pricing structure. These are:

  • A la carte

  • Static menu

  • Du jour

  • Cycle menu

  • Prix fixe


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