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Stay up to speed on performance

Get insights on site optimization, Core Web Vitals and more in our helpful guides. 

A graph showing percentage of Wix origins with good Core Web Vitals and an image of performance team lead Gil Eckstein

Website Performance:
A Comprehensive Guide

Profile pictures of Dan Shappir and Dikla Cohen against a blue background

Webinar: How to optimize for Core Web Vitals

eCommerce clothes store with Wix’s site performance graph labeled ‘FID Metric Improvement’ overlaid

How Wix improved website performance by evolving their infrastructure

eCommerce clothes store with two site performance windows overlaid showing the site’s ‘Speed Over Time’ and ‘Lighthouse Score’

Website Performance:
A Comprehensive Guide

Compilation of Wix’s website performance metrics, centered around a graph titled ‘Core Web Vitals Technology Report’

Case study: How Wix achieved dramatic improvements to website performance

SERP's Up Podcast: Just how big of a deal is performance for SEO?

How important is performance for SEO?

Mobile and desktop versions of an eCommerce store’s homepage—an overlaid chart shows the site's Core Web Vitals metrics

An in-depth guide to measuring Core Web Vitals

eCommerce website within the Wix site editor with an overlaid tab stating the site’s Core Web Vitals have passed

How to optimize your website for better performance

Create a site built to perform.

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