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How Wix sites became faster than ever

In the last few years, we’ve made Wix websites even faster, achieving dramatic improvements for Core Web Vitals and increasing the ratio of Wix sites with good scores by over 10x. 

Learn how we made it happen.

Video Transcription


Gil Eckstein

Performance Team Lead | Wix

In the last couple of years, we’ve made Wix websites way faster, achieving dramatic improvements for Core Web Vitals. How dramatic? Ten times dramatic.

We started by taking steps like hosting all our sites on a globally distributed CDN infrastructure, enabling automatic caching of all site resources, including the HTML. 

This ensures your site will load quickly, regardless of your users’ location, network, or device.


In addition, all our components are built to minimize layout shifts, using proper dimensions, CSS aspect ratios and font preloads, which result in good Cumulative Layout Shift scores.


We optimize for the Largest Contentful Paint by prioritizing image and font resources, and by lazy loading elements outside the viewport.

Just a second.  (drinks water)


What else are we doing to add speed?
Quickfire round. 


– We automatically convert images to WebP while resizing and cropping for optimal media delivery. 


– Compressing all resources using Brotli to ensure faster downloads.


– Using web workers to reduce main-thread blocking JavaScript and minimize input delays for increased site responsiveness.


– Using code splitting and dynamic imports so sites load quickly regardless of complexity.


– And using other features such as custom elements, resource preloads, priority hints, HTTP/3 and more.


And it keeps going from there. We’re providing detailed daily performance reports for all our users on our site speed dashboard, and they can test how any changes they make impact their site’s performance.


That’s what we’ve done so far. But we’re always making enhancements—and every new element or feature we develop is done with performance in mind.


So no matter your business, there’s a high-performance website waiting for you at Wix. 

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