Introducing Ascend by Wix: Your All-In-One Business Solution


When you started your business, you thought big. Big dreams. Big opportunities. Big achievements. But along the way, you quickly realized that the path to success was paved with numerous small tasks to manage. You need to build and maintain your website, manage and educate your team members, keep your clients happy (around the clock), build an impressive social media plan, and so much more. These responsibilities seem to accumulate to an endless list which requires adequate organization to even wrap your head around.

What if all of your tasks could be achieved from one central location, without having to juggle with several accounts and passwords? Or better yet, what if you had access to extremely sophisticated marketing capabilities that you thought only multinational corporations could obtain? That is, all while staying in the know with new features corresponding to the latest industry trends. For example, one that not only enables you to automate selling processes, but also to perfect your SEO strategy, and track consumer behavior thanks to extensive data analysis. Actually, you do. It’s called Ascend by Wix.

This all-in-one business tool includes 20 products for you to start, manage and grow your brand, while building strong customer relations and promoting your products or services online. The cherry on top: They’re all centralized in your website’s development platform, accessible with only a click. All you need to bring is the right energy and ambition, and there’s no business peak you won’t be able to reach.

Connect with your customers like never before

The first step of efficient communication with your customers is to use a powerful free CRM. This includes a Forms feature, which helps you obtain key contact information, like email addresses, leads, and testimonials, that you’ll be able to reuse for future marketing purposes. It also includes Live Chat – the new norm of online communication, as today’s consumers expect answers and instant gratification. Visitors anticipate finding a chat option on almost every website they visit. This feature enables you to welcome your visitors 24/7 with a live service center and automatic replies for the times you’re not available. Still hesitating if you need it or not? Consider this: Wix users who installed the chat feature on their site experienced a 33% increase in online reservations and a 39% increase in sales after just one month.

Whether it’s a chat, form submission, email, booking or order request, you can manage all of your customer communications under one umbrella with Inbox. You will save a lot of time by being able to instantly pull up your commonly used saved replies, or attach a link to one of your products, coupons, or an external file with just the click of a button. You can also organize each contact via the Contact Manager. This hub enables you to include labels, notes, and attachments for each customer’s file.

Optimize your time and your customers’ time

The most important asset you hold as a business owner is your time. With just 1,440 minutes in a day, you need to maximize every fraction of it. And you can, through Automations – a feature that takes care of many repetitive actions you will need to do for each of your customers. A ‘Thank You’ message is now automatically sent for each new purchase, or welcoming new site members from your Member’s Area with an email. Essentially you’ll become more responsive as well as attract and convert new customers. As a result, you may become part of the statistic of business owners who use Wix Automations and have increased their site traffic by 151% as well as sales by 29%.

Other advanced technologies allow you to hand off more monotonous tasks than just emails, such as generating Invoices automatically with every new order with a free invoice generator and collecting payments. Customers can even schedule sessions and directly pay you. On top of providing responsive and informative customer service from one centralized system, Ascend enables you to optimize your Workflows by prioritizing projects and sales funnels, as well as collaborating with your team. Lastly, the convenient Tasks & Reminders feature helps you make sure you never lose track of your tasks and meet your deadlines. Seeing how every minute of your day counts, you’ll finally be able to use your time as you initially planned to.


Promote your brand on every channel online

Promotion all starts with great content to share. According to all marketing analysts and social marketing gurus, it’s actually the key element to online success. In the Ascend package, you’ll find integrated marketing tools like Email Marketing, Social Posts, and the Video Maker to enable you to start producing, personalizing and sharing stunning in-house content, perfectly fitted for today’s online consumers requirements.

A well-rounded digital marketing strategy involves a powerful SEO strategy, professional marketing campaigns, and the ability to track your progress through intuitive stats. With Ascend, you can do all of this from one centralized place. The Wix SEO Wiz provides an array of intuitive tools to help you rank higher, from issuing an intuitive step-by-step plan to recommending the best keywords, and ensuring instant Google indexing for your Wix site.

Finally, no real growth can be achieved without tracking your performance. Thanks to Ascend, you can easily measure and improve the success of your content through the extensive data available within the Marketing Integrations options, like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. No matter the size of your business, you’ll be able to know everything about your site visitors’ behavior, from their browsing habits to purchases and more. From here, you can take advantage of golden opportunities like correctly targeting visitors with email or social promotions they can benefit from, or sending a Coupon in real-time for a product or service they are shopping for at that very moment.

Overall you’ll have a comprehensive perspective of your marketing plan, from what you send to what you receive back. All of this puts the power in your hands to provide your customers with what they want, when they want it.

How to get started with Ascend by Wix

1. Go to and create your own account – it’s free and will only take a couple of seconds.

2. Access ‘Ascend by Wix’ by clicking this link, or from your user dashboard under both ‘Customer Manager’ or ‘Marketing Tools.’

3. You’re all set! Welcome to your complete business solution. Now you can start managing all of your business needs under one umbrella by choosing from 20 different products.

By Jennifer Kaplan

Community Writer

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